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Collision Detection

Check and detect collisions in CAD assemblies. Download Glovius.

Consuming Engineering Data with CAD Visualization Part 2

In this series of posts, we discuss the steps needed to take your manufacturing organization digital by enabling 3D engineering data with purpose-built tools for visualization and analysis, such as HCL Glovius. Part 1,The First Small Step- Gain Giant Benefits, discussed how adopting a tool like Glovius allows users in various teams across an organization to access, archive, and retrieve information at a faster pace, without having to spend significant money on 3D modeling tool licenses.

CAD Collision Detection Tools

Glovius has the ability to detect collisions in CAD assemblies. The ability to check for collision in an assembly is mainly useful for three reasons :  Check for integrity of CAD assembly : Check if the various components in the assembly have been assembled properly with no overlaps or intersections . Errors or improper mating of assembly constituents result in a flawed design. 

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