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  • Glovius NX Viewer

    View, Measure, Section, Analyze, Compare, and Export NX or PRT Files

Glovius NX Viewer

Glovius is a modern NX viewer. With Glovius, view NX Part (.prt) and Assembly (.prt) files, and measure, section, analyze, compare, and convert them. Glovius supports CATIA, NX, Parasolid, STEP, STP, IGES, IGS, JT, Pro/ENGINEER and Creo, SolidWorks, Inventor, and Solid Edge parts and assemblies.

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  • Easily view NX PRT files
  • View popular 3D CAD files in one application
  • Measure, Section, Analyze, Compare, and Export NX files.
  • Glovius NX viewer is simple and easy to use.
  • No training required.
  • Free 2D Viewer for DWG and DXF Files.
  • Free iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.

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A Modern NX Viewer

NX file viewer, prt viewer, prt file viewer, parasolid viewer, open NX PRT files with Glovius.
  • Open NX Part and Assembly PRT files with Glovius.
  • View 3D data, Product Structure, Attributes, PMI, and GD&T.
  • Zoom, Pan, Rotate & Spin models.
  • Standard Views. Perspective and Orthographic projection.
  • Shaded, Wireframe, and Mixed render modes.
  • Apply colors and transparency for easy identification.
  • Hide, Show, Isolate, Move, and Search components.
  • Explode assemblies to understand their construction.
  • Print, with Print Setup and Print Preview support.

Measure NX files with Glovius NX viewer

  • Take accurate linear, angular, and radial measurements.
  • Quickly measure models and features with Assistive Measurement.
  • Filter points, edges, and faces for measurement.
  • 18 predefined selection tools for fast and accurate measurement.
  • Tape Measure for continuous measurement of edges and curves.
  • Measure Surface area, with support for multiple surfaces.
  • Visually identify holes and their properties.
measure NX files with Glovius

Analyze NX files with Glovius NX file viewer

analyze NX files. perform thickness analysis, clash analysis, and draft analysis on NX PRT files.

Analyze Tool: With Glovius NX viewer, get the component snapshot and view attributes, dimension extents, instances and Mass/Volume/Density.
Wall Thickness AnalysisCompute the material distribution in a part to identify areas of material optimization.
Collision DetectionDetect clashes and contacts in assemblies.
Projected Area: Calculate the Projected Area for use in Casting process calculations.
Draft Analysis: Compute the draft angles of all surfaces in a part for use in Injection Molding and Casting processes.

Export NX files and Create Reports with Glovius Parasolid Viewer

export NX to 3D PDF. export NX to 3D HTML. convert PRT files to BMP, JPG Image formats. view NX files on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Do more with Glovius prt viewer

Cut Dynamic Sections

view NX files and cut sections.

Cut dynamic sections along Standard or Custom Planes. Add multiple sections and hatches. Measure section profiles with Glovius prt viewer.

Compare NX Files

compare two NX files. compare an NX file with any other CAD file.

Compare design revisions of NX files and inspect changes in 3D. View the added, removed, and modified features. 

Free DWG /DFX Viewer

View DWG and DXF files with free Glovius 2D Viewer.

View DWG, DXF, and CATIA CATDrawings files with Glovius 2D Viewer. Take measurements, compare revisions, and print/export to PDF.

Free iPhone, iPad, and Android Apps

nx viewer iphone, ipad, android, online, mac.

View NX Part and Assembly files on your smartphones and tablets with Glovius for iPhone and iPad, and Glovius for Android.

View NX files in Augmented Reality (AR) on Android devices with Glovius AR for Android.

About NX CAD Viewer

NX File Formats Supported

NX File Extensions – .prt

System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Windows 11
32-bit and 64-bit systems
1280 X 1024 or higher, with support for 32-bit color
4GB RAM or more

3D CAD Formats Supported

CATIA V5 and V6 Parts and Assemblies
NX, Parasolid, I-DEAS Parts and Assemblies
Creo, and Pro/ENGINEER Parts and Assemblies
SolidWorks Parts and Assemblies
Inventor Parts and Assemblies
Solid Edge Parts and Assemblies

Languages Supported

English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean