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Online Store – Glovius for Individuals and Teams

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Glovius for Individuals

Glovius Lite

Node Locked
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License TypeSubscription License, with free
Upgrades and Support
Subscription License, with free
Upgrades and Support
Permanent License, with 1 year of
Upgrades and Support
View 3D parts and assemblies from SolidWorks, Inventor, Solid Edge, STEP, IGES, JT, and more.
View 3D parts and assemblies from CATIA, NX, Pro/ENGINEER, Creo.
View Tools
– View 3D, Attributes, PMI, & Product Structure
– Navigate with Zoom, Pan, Rotate & Spin
– Hide, Show, Move, & Search components
– Change Colour and Transparency
Analysis Tools
– Perform accurate measurements
– Cut dynamic sections
– Analyze components
– Compare design revisions
Design Tools
– Perform Thickness Analysis on parts
– Calculate Projected Area
– Perform Draft Analysis on parts
2D Viewer
– Free DWG, DXF, and CATDrawing files viewer
– Perform measurements
– Export as PDF
Glovius Cloud
– Free apps for iOS and Android
– Access 3D models across devices
– View, Share, and Collaborate on the go
Export Tools
– Export as BMP, JPG, PNG, and TIFF
– Export as STL
Reporting Tools
– Export as 3D PDF and 3D HTML
– Export BOM reports in XLS and PDF
– Export 3D Report with Geometry & BOM
– Export as Powerpoint Presentation (PPTX)

Glovius Cloud

Glovius Cloud is free for all Glovius for Windows subscribers. Glovius Cloud is also available as a standalone subscription for an introductory price of $99/year. Subscribe from within Glovius iOS and Android apps or visit to start your free 15-day trial.

Upload CAD parts and assemblies from your phone, tablet, or computer. One click “Push to Cloud” from Glovius for Windows. Connect your Dropbox, and never upload a file again.

– View CAD data on your phone, tablet, and computer.
– Analyze components, run reports, and collaborate with your team.

Visit Glovius Cloud Download from App Store Download from Google Play

Glovius for Teams

Glovius floating license is a network license meant to be installed on a server that allows you to use the license on multiple computers. A Glovius floating license enables multiple users to use Glovius. One floating license can be used by only one person at a time. Users have the option to borrow a floating license for 7 days.

Glovius Team Pack is best suited for small and medium teams. Glovius Team pack is a bundle of floating licenses, and comes with priority support and GotoMeeting training sessions. All team licenses include 1 year of free upgrades and support.


2 – 5 users
1 Permanent Floating License
Up to 60% savings, compared to
node locked licenses



10 – 20 users
5 Permanent Floating Licenses
Up to 65% savings, compared to
node locked licenses



20 – 40 users
10 Permanent Floating Licenses
Up to 70% savings, compared to
node locked licenses


Glovius for Enterprise

We also offer Enterprise wide mobile, web, translation and comparison solutions. Please visit Solutions page for more details.
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