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Glovius, A Modern CAD Viewer

Glovius is a modern 3D CAD viewer available on Windows, iOS, Android, and Cloud. It’s easy to use and simple interface is ideal for non CAD users.

Glovius product video.
Perform accurate linear, angular & radial measurements.
Cut dynamic sections along multiple axes.

Glovius for iPhone and iPad

Glovius AR: Rapid Visualization in AR
Glovius AR- 3D Viewing for Engineering Workflows
Glovius AR – 3D CAD Augmented Reality
View and Compare CATIA Drawing
Data Democratization using Modern CAD
Export CAD to 3DPDF, BoM, STL and PPT
Export CAD to HTML
Compare CAD design versions in 3D
Glovius for Android Tablets
Glovius for Android
Measurement in Glovius
Sectioning in Glovius
Design Collaboration with Glovius
Analyze key component with Glovius
Measurement and sectioning of CAD files.
View & Export CAD files with Glovius. Push your files to cloud.
Thickness Analysis in Glovius
Analyze components with Glovius
Glovius Demo
Assistive Measure Points in Glovius

Glovius for iPhone