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Creo Viewer – View, Measure, Analyze, Section, Compare & Export Creo Files

View Creo, Part & Assembly files without a Creo license.
View popular 3D CAD files in one application.
Simple and easy to use. No training required.
Available in Annual, Permanent and Team licenses.
Free 2D Viewer. Free iOS and Android apps.View Creo Part (.prt) & Assembly (.asm) files. View Pro/ENGINEER (.prt & .asm), OneSpace Designer (.pkg, .bdl) and CADDS(._pd) files.

View DWG, DXF & CATDrawings files with Glovius 2D Viewer.

View CATIA, NX, STEP, IGES, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Inventor Part & Assembly files.Export Creo files to STEP, IGES, 3D PDF, HTML, STL, PPT, and more.

Glovius is available in English, Deutsche, Français, 日本語, Español, Português, 中文 and 한국어 languages.

Buy Glovius CAD Viewer starting at $480/year.

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View Creo Parts, Assemblies

CATIA file Viewer

View 3D data, Product Structure, Attributes, PMI, GD&T, Annotations and Captures. Zoom, Pan, Rotate & Spin models. Previous & Next View. Standard Views. Perspective/Orthographic projection. Shaded, Wireframe and Mixed render modes. Hide/Show, Isolate, Move & Search components. Change component color and transparency.

Take Accurate Measurements

measure Creo files

Take accurate linear, angular and radial measurements. Use Tape Measure for edges and curves. Calculate Surface area. Check ordinate dimensions and quickly measure models and features with Assistive Measurement.

Cut Dynamic Sections

section Creo models

Cut dynamic sections along Standard or Custom Planes. Create multiple sections, add hatches to enhance visibility and measure section profiles.

Export Creo Files

export creo to step, creo to iges, creo to 3dpdf, creo to stl, creo bom

Export your Creo files to STEP, IGES, 3DPDF, HTML, STL, Image & Microsoft Powerpoint formats. Generate Bill of Materials (BoM) PDF & CSV report and 3D Model report with one click.

Assembly Analysis Tools


analyze creo assembly

Use the Analyze tool to get the model snapshot and get to the know the key attributes, dimension extents, Instances and Mass.

change component color

Change component colors to easy visual identification of product structure.

change component color

Apply transparency to individual components and progressive transparency for sub-assemblies.

add transperency to individual component

Explode assemblies to identify the internal components and method of construction.

Part Analysis Tools


Thickness Analysis with Glovius

Thickness Analysis: Compute the material distribution in a part to identify areas of material optimization.

Calculate Projected Area with Glovius

Projected Area: Calculate the Projected Area for use in Casting process calculations.

Perform Draft Analysis with Glovius

Draft Analysis: Compute the draft angles of all surfaces in a part for use in Injection Molding and Casting processes.

Collaborate with your team

markup catia models

Add comments in your model and Collaborate with your team. Maintain context of your comments using the 3D Markup tools.

Compare Models in 3D

compare creo revisions, compare catia files

Compare various versions of design to inspect changes. Visually identify the added, removed and modified features of parts and assemblies.

Glovius Cloud


Glovius for Windows, iOS, Android and Glovius Cloud.Access 3D everywhere: High performance HTML5 and Mobile Viewer. Open large assemblies on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices in seconds. View 3D, Attributes, PMI, & Product Structure from popular 3D formats.Upload 3D parts and assemblies on, from within Glovius iOS and Android apps, and with one click Push to Cloud from Glovius for Windows. Or simply connect your Dropbox account.

view creo files on iphone, ipad and android

Collaborate on the go: Share 3D models easily with URL sharing. Add text comments, freehand markups, and email snapshots. Get notified when files get added/updated in your Dropbox. Receive notifications for new comments on your files.Export as 3D PDF, STL, 3DS, OBJ. Export Bill of Materials report in XLS/PDF.

Glovius Cloud is free for all Glovius for Windows subscribers. Glovius Cloud is also available as a standalone subscription for an introductory price of $99/year. Subscribe from with Glovius iOS and Android apps or visit to start your free 15-day trial.

Free 2D Viewer

CATDrawing viewer, dwg viewer, dxf viewer

View DWG, DXF, and CATIA CATDrawings files with Glovius 2D Viewer. Take measurements, compare revisions, and print/export to PDF.

Customer Quotes

“Advanced Systems and Controls uses Glovius in it’s estimating department. Estimators need the ability to open and view a wide variety of customers drawings and Glovius gives us that capability.”– Pray, Advanced Systems & Controls Inc.

“I rely on Glovius to open files from customers for viewing and quoting their projects. It’s been a great help especially from a cost standpoint because I do not need a complicated viewing program.”– Geib, West Bend Plastics Inc.

“I really like your product. Very helpful for someone in aerospace who does a lot of quoting and has to open a lot of different types of files.”– Pat Rowell, Cutting Dynamics, Inc.

About Glovius

Formats Supported

Creo – Parts & Assemblies – .prt & .asm files
Pro/ENGINEER (.prt & .asm) files
OneSpace Designer (.pkg, .bdl) and CADDS(._pd) files
CATIA, NX Parts & Assemblies
SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Inventor Parts & Assemblies
STEP – AP 203, AP 214, AP 242; File extensions – STP, STEP
IGES – 5.1, 5.2, 5.3; File extensions – IGS, IGES

System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
1280 X 1024 or higher, with support for 32-bit color
4GB RAM or more

Languages Supported

English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean


Write to us at with your questions or ask for a product demo over webex. Take a tour, read the release notes and FAQs to know more.