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On Demand Webinars

CAD Visualization Solution for Manufacturing Industry

This webinar discusses on various challenges faced by a manufacturing organization in terms of CAD data usage, introduction to efficient and cost-effective CAD visualization solution and  how to improve productivity for design and manufacturing engineers and augment product development process.

Webinar also helps gain insights on the customer success story. It discusses in detail on challenges faced by customer and the value they received from Glovius.

Data Democratization using Modern CAD Viewers, March 2019

In this webinar, Joe Barkai, renowned industry analyst discusses on the democratization of CAD data and how various departments across the modern enterprise are benefiting from access to CAD data.

Joe also shares insights about how two companies (Buck Lighting and the Indian arm of one of Japan’s largest automotive company) use Glovius to provide company wide access to design data to departments such as design, manufacturing, purchase, among others.

Modern CAD Visualization Solutions, October 2018

This webinar discusses how modern CAD visualization software can help engineers and non-engineers collaborate on design data. Following are the highlight points of the webinar

  • Current and future directions in CAD Visualization
  • Glovius, a modern CAD Viewer
  • Customer’s Experience of using Glovius

Glovius – CAD Part Analysis, February 2018

Glovius offer a number of tools for analyzing CAD part designs. This includes standard tools such as Measure, Section, Analyze and purpose built tools for thickness Analysis, projected area calculations and draft angle measurement.

The webinar discusses in detail on the above analyzing tools available in Glovius.

Glovius CAD Viewer for Should Costing, November 2017

Every organization has many users in their Should Costing and Purchase Departments.

This webinar discusses on the tools and the features which can be used by such teams.