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Introduction to Glovius

This series of articles introduce Glovius for Windows, and cover all its major features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“What are the file formats supported in Glovius?”

“What is the difference between a subscription, node-locked, and a floating license?”

“How do I export to STEP?”

Find answers to frequently asked questions.


Video Tutorials

Watch a short demo of Glovius, and see other videos on Measurement, Sectioning, Component Analysis, Export, and more…

Thickness Analysis with Glovius

Video Tutorials

Image Gallery & Product Tour

View Image gallery and take a tour of all the features in Glovius for Windows, Glovius Cloud, Glovius for iOS, Glovius for Android.



Watch recorded webinars on Glovius from Industry Experts, Independent Analysts, and Glovius Product Management team.

cad viewers enable data democratization.


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For product feedback and suggestions, please email Sid (Product Manager, Glovius) at

Glovius Lifecycle Support Policy

Glovius Product Lifecycle Support Policy provides customers with information about Glovius support lifecycle in order for the customer to better define and plan their deployment and upgrade strategy for Glovius. Read the Glovius Product Lifecycle Support Policy document here. View our Code of PLM Openness.