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Glovius demo video.

Measure & Section

Perform accurate Linear, Angular & Radial Measurements.

Assistive Measurement for quick and accurate point selection.

Cut Dynamic Sections along multiple axes.

Automatic hatching of components on section planes.


Analyze components with a single click.

Thickness Analysis of casting/injection molding components.


Export CAD to 3D PDF, BoM, STL and PPT.

Export CAD to HTML.

Image Gallery & Tour

Glovius for Windows

View Glovius for Windows Image gallery. Take a tour of all the features in Glovius.

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Glovius for Android

View Glovius for Android Image gallery. Take a tour of all the features in Glovius for Android.

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Glovius Lifecycle Support Policy

Glovius Product Lifecycle Support Policy provides customers with information about Glovius support lifecycle in order for the customer to better define and plan their deployment and upgrade strategy for Glovius.

Read the Glovius Product Lifecycle Support Policy document here.

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