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View CATIA Parts, Assemblies, and Drawings with Glovius

Many users in the Automotive and Aerospace industries use CATIA or work with CATIA files. Many companies use CATIA as their CAD software and share CATIA files with suppliers and manufacturing partners.

CATIA licenses are expensive, require user training and high-performance hardware. If you just want to view CATIA files and perform basic analysis, Glovius CATIA Viewer is the right fit for you. Glovius is a modern CATIA Viewer that is affordable, easy-to-use, and opens all CATIA and popular CAD file formats.

Glovius helps you view CATIA V5 files without a CATIA license. Glovius supports 3D Geometry, PMI information, attributes, and Captures data stored in CATIA parts (CATPart) and CATIA assembly (CATProduct) files. Glovius 2D Viewer helps you open and view Catia Drawing (CATDrawing) files.

CATIA Viewer

Analyze CATIA Files

Glovius provides tools to quickly analyze CATIA files.

  1. Open CATIA parts and assembly files and use the Analyze feature to quickly get an overview of the component – extent dimensions, mass, and volume of the component.
  2. Analyze CATIA files with Sectioning, Colors, and Transparency effects.
  3. Dimension CATIA components with the Measure tool.
  4. Find out a component’s thickness and material distribution using the Thickness Analysis tool.
  5. Detect contacts and clashes in a CATIA assembly with the Collision Detection tool.
  6. Compare revisions of a CATIA design or compare a CATIA file with any other format (like STEP or JT)
  7. If your CATIA file is Cast or Injection-molded, use the Draft Analysis tool to check the angle each of the surfaces make towards a default plane.
  8. Compare two revisions of a CATDrawing file.

Export CATIA Files and Create Reports

Export CATIA part and assembly files to STEP, IGES, 3MF, X_T, with Glovius PLUS license. Export CATIA files to 3D PDF, 3D HTML. Save CATIA files as Powerpoint, STL, 3DS, OBJ, Image (BMP/JPG/PNG/TIFF). Create a Bill of Materials (BoM) report and 3D Report. Export CATDrawings to PDF with the Glovius 2D Viewer.

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Sridhar Oruganti,
Product Manager

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