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Glovius Release Notes

Glovius for Windows v5.1.0.977 (16th February, 2021)

  • New : Export 3D CAD files to Glovius format for upto 10X performance benefits
  • New : Add Color and Visual effects to Glovius format
  • Add tool shortcuts to Quick Access bar
  • Associate 3D CAD files with Glovius from the Settings dialog
  • Improvements to 2D Compare tool
  • GUI Improvements and Miscellaneous fixes.

Glovius for Windows v5.1.0.925 (24th December, 2020)

  • Support for NX 1926.
  • Support for Creo 7.
  • Improvements in Glovius 2D Viewer.
  • Miscellaneous Bugs and Fixes

Glovius for Windows v5.1.0.886 (18th November, 2020)

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

 Glovius for Windows v5.1.0.847 (14th September, 2020)

  • Calculate angle among three points.
  • Install Glovius without Administrator user roles.
  • Run Projected Area and Section Area for parts in Assemblies.
  • Redesigned Help tab to reach us faster.

Glovius for Windows v5.1.0.789 (4th August, 2020)

  • Added Support for CATIA V5-R2020, JT 10.3 and Inventor 2021.
  • Compute Thickness Analysis for parts in Assemblies.
  • Calculate Draft Analysis for parts in Assemblies.
  • Open a part from Assembly with the Context Menu (RMB).

Glovius for Windows v5.1.0.730 (9th June, 2020)

  • Export CAD parts and assemblies to JT format with Glovius PLUS license.
  • Improved reading of 2D PDF drawings.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Glovius for Android v6.9.1 (1st June, 2020)

  • Supporting Work from Home.
  • All Glovius apps are free till 30th June.
  • UI Improvements.
  • Bug Fixes.

Glovius for iOS v6.6 (11th May, 2020)

  • Support for iOS 13.4.
  • UI Improvements for iPad.
  • Bug fixes.

Glovius for Windows v5.1.0.698 (8th May, 2020)

  • Miscellaneous bugs and fixes.

Glovius AR app for Android v3.1.1 (16th April, 2020)

  • View Bounding Box dimensions of Components in AR.
  • UI Improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

Glovius for Windows v5.1.0.672 (14th April, 2020)

  • Support for New Version of NX 1899 Series.
  • Support for New Version of Solidworks 2020.
  • Support for DWF files.
  • Support for 2D PDF drawing files in Glovius 2D Viewer.
  • Compare 2D PDF drawing files in Glovius 2D Viewer.
  • Miscellaneous bugs and fixes.

Glovius for iOS v6.5 (31st March, 2020)

  • Supporting Work from Home.
  • All Glovius apps are free till 31st May 2020.

Glovius for Android v6.9 (31st March, 2020)

  • Supporting Work from Home.
  • All Glovius apps are free till 31st May 2020.

Glovius for Windows v5.1.0.622 (12th March, 2020)

  • Calculate Total Surface Area of all components in an assembly.
  • Miscellaneous bugs and fixes.

 Glovius for iOS v6.4 (11th March, 2020)

  • Native Dropbox integration.
  • UI improvements.
  • Security related issues fixed.

 Glovius for Android v6.8 (5th March, 2020)

  • UI Improvements.
  • Security related issues fixed.

Glovius for Android v6.7 (12th February, 2020)

  • UI improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

Glovius for Android v6.6 (28th January, 2020)

  • Support for Andriod 10.
  • Bug fixes.

Glovius for Windows v5.1.0.584 (28th January, 2020)

  • Quickly access your recent files.
  • Improved point to point Measurements.
  • Improved UI for the 3D Compare tool.
  • Miscellaneous bugs and fixe

Glovius for Android v6.5 (11th January, 2020)

  • User Friendly Login Experience.
  • UI improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

Glovius for iOS v6.3 (20th December, 2019)

  • New subscription prices.
  • UI improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

Glovius for Android v6.4 (20th December, 2019)

  • New subscription prices.
  • UI improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

Glovius for Windows v5.1.0.544 (10th December, 2019)

  • Improved the time taken to open files.
  • Improved language support to French, Korean, Portuguese, German and Chinese.
  • Added messages for users.
  • Fixed a spatial transformation issue for specific Inventor files.
  • Fixed Measurement issue in Scaled Views in 2D drawing files.

Glovius for Android v6.3.1 (25th November, 2019)

  • Apply Materials to components with live preview support.
  • UI improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

 Glovius for iOS v6.2.2 (15th November, 2019)

  • New subscription prices.
  • UI improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

 Glovius for Windows v5.1.0.496 (6th November, 2019)

  • Improved 2D Compare Tool.
  • New UI button to calculate the BoM report.
  • Improved Product Structure UI.
  • Improvement in Zoom Box.
  • Miscellaneous bugs and fixes.

 Glovius for Android v6.3 (6th November, 2019)

  • UI improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

 Glovius for iOS v6.2.1 (30th October, 2019)

  • UI improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

Glovius for Windows v5.1.0.476 (10th October, 2019)

  • 2D Compare : Compare different versions of DWG, DXF and CATDrawing files.
  • Miscellaneous : Bug fixes and few crashes occurring in Windows 7 machines.

Glovius for iOS v6.2 (11th October, 2019)

  • Added iOS 13 support.

Glovius for Android v6.2 (11th September, 2019)

  • Added measurement filters for Points, Edges, Circles.
  • Apply materials from density database for mass calculation.
  • Improvement in Product Structure.

Glovius for Windows v5.1.0.428 (3rd September, 2019)

  • Added support for CATIA V5-6 2019.
  • Reset Settings to Default.
  • UI Improvements to Section and Projected Area tool.
  • Improvements to 2D CATDrawing Comparison tool.
  • Bug fixes and Improvements.

Glovius for Windows v5.1.0.389 (7th August, 2019)

  • Hole Marker : Visually identify holes and their properties.
  • Measurement : Lots of specific tools to measure in Glovius 2D Viewer.
  • Added support for Creo 6, Inventor 2020, Parasolid v31.1 and NX 1847 Series.

Glovius for iOS v6.0.1 (3rd August, 2019)

  • Added measurement filters for Points, Edges, Circles.
  • Improvement in Product Structure

Glovius for Android v6.1.1 (18th July, 2019)

  • Sign in to Glovius with Google & Dropbox accounts

 Glovius for iOS v6.0.1 (14th July, 2019)

  • Sign in to Glovius with Google & Dropbox accounts

Glovius for iOS v6.0 (10th July, 2019)

  •  Added support for FBX file format.
  • Added new sample files

Glovius for Android v6.1 (9th July, 2019)

  • Added new sample files.
  • Improvements in command toolbar.

Glovius for Windows v5.1.0.344 (5th July, 2019)

  • Density Knowledgebase : Apply materials from density knowledge base to calculate mass.
  • Select Box : Select multiple components using box selection tool.

Glovius for Android v6.0 (28th June, 2019)

  • Added support for FBX file format.
  • UI Improvement.

Glovius for Windows v5.1.0.327 (11th June, 2019)

  • Visual Improvements to Projected Area and Section Area.
  • Performance Improvements during opening of Files.
  • Visual Improvements to Thickness Analysis and Draft analysis.

 GGlovius for iOS v5.5 (16th May, 2019)

  • Added support for Assembly files upload.
  • Improvement in Section tool.

Glovius for Windows v5.1.0.290 (8th May, 2019)

  • Visual Improvements to Collision detection.
  • Set custom colors and values in Draft Analysis Tool.
  • UI Improvements to Thickness Analysis, Draft Analysis and Collision Improvements
  • Fixed a bug that caused failure while configuring Subscription licenses

Glovius for Windows v5.1.0.253 (3rd April, 2019)

  • New Feature : Compare your CATDrawing files in Glovius 2D viewer.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Glovius for Android v5.8 (11th March, 2019)

  • Added support for Assembly files upload.
  • Improvement in Section tool.

Glovius for Windows v5.1.0.217 (4th March, 2019)

  • New Feature : Use Ordinate tool to Measure ordinates of entities.
  •  Improvements to Thickness Analysis Apply custom values and colors to the thickness analysis results.
  • Improvements to Explode tool.
  • Improvements to Search function.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Glovius for Windows v5.1.0.191 (5th February, 2019)

  • Calculate the mass of billet in Analyze.
  • Added support for Solidworks 2019 and SolidEdge 2019.
  • Added feature to View Normal of a selected point.
  • Color and Transparency effect improvements

 Glovius for Windows v3.4.1

  • Added GUI Add-on for BOM
  • Support for Assembly level compare

Glovius for Android v5.7 (14th January, 2019)

  • Section improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

Glovius for iOS v5.4 (21th December, 2018)

  • Improvement point, edge, and radii for Measurement tool.
  • Improvement Capping and Profiling for Section tool.

Glovius for Windows vv5.1.0.133 (3rd December, 2018)

  • View mass of individual component in PDF BOM report.
  • Selective export – Selectively export components from assembly file to html.
  • Set mouse controls (Zoom, Pan, Rotate) similar to your preferred CAD platform

Glovius for Windows v5.1.0.100 (2nd November, 2018)

  • New Plus plans for Subscription and Permanent licenses with options to Export to STEP ( AP214,
  • AP 242 & STEPZ ) , IGES, Parasolid and 3MF.
  • Associate CAD files with Glovius during installation.
  • File->Insert bug fixes.
  • Improvements to Coloring components

Glovius for Windows v5.0.0.103 (8th October, 2018)

  • New Feature : Detect clashes and contacts in assemblies using Collision detection.
  • New Feature : Support for Hole definitions and List of Radii in the Analyze dialog.
  • New Feature : Export Hole definition report as a PDF report.
  • STL improvements for thickness analysis.
  • Miscellaneous fixes.

Glovius for iOS v5.3 (4th October, 2018)

  • iOS 12 Support.
  • Improved feed with color, transparency and model transformation.
  • Analyse table with holes information.

Glovius for Android v5.6 (4th October, 2018)

  • Activity feed now supports component color, transparency, and position changes.
  • Measure points, edges, and radii.
  • View and download Hole Table Report.
  • UI improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

Glovius for Android v5.5 (11th September, 2018)

  • Hole Table information available in the Analyze dialog box.
  • UI improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

Glovius for Windows v5.0.0.73 (3rd September, 2018)

  • Added support for Autodesk Inventor 2019.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and Enhancements.

Glovius for Windows v5.0.0.43 (6th August, 2018)

  • Export high quality images from Glovius.
  • Activity feed : Add comments and collaborate on any device.
  • Added support for CATIA V5-6 R2018-R28, Creo 5.0 and NX 12.
  • Copy the node name from the Component Tree.
  • Set Mass units for CAD parts and assemblies

Glovius for iOS v5.2.3 (11th July, 2018)

  • Bug fixes for rich notification

Glovius for Windows v5.0.0.11 (2nd July, 2018)

  • Measurement revamp : New set of tools to measure entities based on selection.
  • Custom Units : Set linear and angular measurement units.
  • Pull Direction : Visually identify pull direction during draft analysis tool with the arrow.
  •  Updates : Initiate the check for updates at your convenience.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and Enhancements

Glovius for iOS v5.2.2 (7th June, 2018)

  • Bug fixes

Glovius for iOS v5.2.1 (6th June, 2018)

  • Bug fixes

Glovius for iOS v5.2 (1st June, 2018)

  • Introducing activity feed.
  • Rich notification support.
  • UI improvements.
  • Bug fixes

Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.680 (1st June, 2018)

  • BoM Export : Honour the visibility state of the assembly
  • Fixed a bug related to space mouse view operations
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and Enhancements.

Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.649 (8th May, 2018)

  •  Improvements to Analyze tool
  •  Revamped UI for Ribbon and Settings dialog
  • Bug fixes and Enhancements

Glovius for Android v5.3.2 (3rd May, 2018)

  • View 3D CAD files on device.
  • Translate to various 3D file formats.
  • Improved user experience.
  • In-App subscription.
  • UI improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

Glovius for iOS v5.1 (3rd May, 2018)

  • View 3D CAD files on device.
  • Translate to various 3D file formats.
  •  Improved user experience.
  • In-App subscription.
  • UI improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

Glovius for iOS v5.0.2 (18th April, 2018)

  • Bug fixes

Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.617 (2nd April, 2018)

  • Under the hood improvements for the Measure tool.
  • Improved UI for Analyze tool
  • Revamped Previous View and Next View
  • Installer improvements
  •  Miscellaneous bug fixe

 Glovius for Android v5.2 (12th March, 2018)

  • Link Sharing.
  • New User Interface.
  • Bug fixes.

Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.569 (8th February, 2018)

  •  Export high quality STL files.
  •  Improved quality of printed documents.
  • Share your CAD files with your team, customers and suppliers using
  • Reduced the Glovius installer size by 40%.

Glovius for Android v5.1 (7th February, 2018)

  •  UI Improvements.
  • File Sharing.
  • Bug fixes.

Glovius for iOS v5.0.1 (12th Jan, 2018)

  • Bug fixes.

Glovius for iOS v5.0 (9th Jan, 2018)

  • Support for iOS 11 and iPhone X.
  • Support for Dropbox.
  • New Product Tour.

Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.537 (9th January, 2018)

  • Push to Cloud: Carry your designs using our free mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Glovius now supports SolidWorks 2018 and Solid Edge ST10 files.
  • Improvements to Projected Area tool.
  • Miscellaneous Bug fixes and minor enhancements

Glovius for Android v5.0 (8th January, 2018)

  • Support for Dropbox.
  • New Product Tour.
  • Bug fixes

Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.512 (11th December, 2017)

  • Access to tutorials from Glovius.
  • Support for colors in VRML files.
  • Added Glovius tips to highlight features and tools.
  • Miscellaneous Bug fixes and minor enhancements.

 Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.489 (7th November, 2017)

  • Improvements to Projected Area tool.
  • Improvements to Draft Analysis tool.
  • Bug fixes and Improvements.

 Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.454 (4th October, 2017)

  • Thickness Analysis : Calculate the wall thickness of components.
  • Generate HTML report : Create a HTML file with 3D data and open it in any modern browser
  • Draft Angle Measurement : Calculate the draft angles in a components
  • Calculate the Projected Area of a component
  • Glovius now supports CATIA V5-6 R2017-R27 and Inventor 2018 files.
     Analyze improvements :
        • Improved Accuracy of length, width and thickness.
        • Calculate the mass of sub-assemblies.
        • Show in 3D mode: Always display the length, width and thickness

 Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.372 (8th September, 2017)

  • Floating license improvement.

 Glovius for Android v4.5 (8th August, 2017)

  • Directory Support.
  • Bug fixes.

 Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.370 (7th July, 2017)

  • Contextual Menu add in Glovius : Quickly access the most common features used for parts and assemblies by Right Click
  • Previous and Next View : Move between the View states of the component. Access this feature from Ribbon and the Contextual Menu
  • Assistive measurement feature : View the measurement value before placing it.
  • Bug fixes.

 Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.325 (24th May, 2017)

  • Apply Hatching in sections
  • Measure angle between the pipes
  • Apply color to individual components

 Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.275 (6th April, 2017)

  • Assistive Measure for Points: Measure using Points filter to highlight nearby points in the component
  • Glovius 2D Viewer: Export CATDrawing files to PDF
  • Borrow licenses: Floating licenses can now be borrowed from the license server from Glovius app

 Glovius for Android v4.4 (27th March, 2017)

  • Improved File Opening Performance.
  • VR Support for Google Cardboard.
  • Bug fixes.

 Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.235 (3rd March, 2017)

  • Branding Changes
  • General bug fixes

 Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.228 (8th February, 2017)

  • Automatically check for updates and provide an option for the user to install the update
  • Export to Image, 3D PDF, STL, PPT, Glovius Mobile, BOM are available in Export tab
     Length, breadth & height of components are now available in BoM report

 Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.200 (17th January, 2017)

  • Three point radius measurement support
  • Count of Annotations present in file
  • Move components of multibody models

 Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.176 (13th December, 2016)

  • Underline all measurements in Glovius
  • Delta measurement values (dx, dy, dz) will be available on status bar
  • Add Color to assembly components
  • General improvements and bug fixes

Glovius for iOS v4.4.2 (8th Dec, 2016)

  • UI Improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

 Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.138 (14th October, 2016)

  • Support for .CATDrawing in Glovius 2D viewer
  • Load only product structure for Catia, NX and Pro-E
  • General improvements and bug fixes

 Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.27 (28th July, 2016)

  • Glovius now supports CATIA V5-6 R2016-R26 and Inventor 2017 files.
  • New UI with a refreshed ribbon bar layout
  • Ability to measure within a section plane
  • Improved Explode function
  • Improved Collaboration
  • General improvements and bug fixes

 Glovius for iOS v4.4.1 (23rd May, 2016)

  • Up to 30% improvement in file open time.
  • Responsive file list.
  • Bug fixes.

 Glovius for Windows v4.3 (9th May, 2016)

  • Add and Load MarkUp in OMNI
  • Support for license borrowing
  • Support for 3D mouse
  • Billet size calculations in the Analyze dialogue box
  • Apply transparency Effect

 Glovius for iOS v4.4 (11th April, 2016)

  • Improved file opening performance up to 30%.
  • Bug fixes.

 Glovius for iOS v4.3 (14th March, 2016)

  • 3D model look better with improved visual appearance.
  • Receive notification on multiple devices.
  • Bug fixes.

 Glovius for Android v4.3 (7th March, 2016)

  • User Interface Improvements.
  • 3D Component Visibility Options.
  • Analyze Feature.
  • View Bill of Material (BOM).
  • Bug fixes.

 Glovius for iOS v4.2 (8th Feb, 2016)

  • Updates for iOS 9.
  • Crash fix on iOS 9.
  • Up to 30% improvement in file open Performance.

 Glovius for Windows v4.1 (5th November, 2015)

  • Measurement – Center of circle is now highlighted, when snapping to the circle edge.
  • Glovius is now available in Simplified Chinese.
  • BETA – Simple explosion for assemblies.
  • More options in exporting Bill of Materials.
  • Improvements in progress bar, while opening and exporting files.
  • Subscription customers can now cancel subscription from within the app.

 Glovius for iOS v4.1 (21th Sep, 2015)

  • Perform point to point measurement.
  • Perform tape and delta measurement.
  • Support for Hide and show components.
  • Support for isolate Components, make components transparent/solid.
  • View Bill of Materials(BOM).
  • 3D scene triad.

 Glovius for Windows v4.0.7 (18th August, 2015)

  • Glovius now supports CATIA V5-6 R2015-R25 and Inventor 2016 files.
  • Change background color while exporting to PDF.
  • Define search directories for loading components in assemblies.
  • All CAD Viewers now include support for viewing STEP, IGES and STL files.
  • Compare models faster with the ability to measure, section and save the result.
  • Edge thickness, text leaders and arrowheads look better.
  • Export to PDF is now faster, with better quality.

 Glovius for Windows v4.0.6 (30th July, 2015)

  • Subscription customers can now use email to configure licenses. No more monthly license configuration.
  • Glovius is now available in Korean.
  • One click export of standard and model views to Powerpoint Presentation (PPT).
  • Density related bug fixes.
  • Import hidden geometry elements and measure them in Glovius.
  • Link to online help and documentation.
  • Fixed a bug in floating license configuration.

 Glovius for Android v4.2 (21th July, 2015)

  • Performance Improvement.
  • Customer issue related to Drop Box file open is fixed.

 Glovius for iOS v4.0 (2nd July, 2015)

  • All new design.
  • Support for point to point measurement.
  • Open files faster with significantly improved rotational performance.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

 Glovius for Android v4.1 (23rd June, 2015)

  • My file grid support.
  • Bug fixes.

 Glovius for Android v4.0 (27th April, 2015)

  • Support for Bounding box measurements.
  • Clipping support.
  • Performance improvements.

 Glovius for Windows v4.0.5 (16th April, 2015)

  • Glovius is now available in English, French, German, Japanese.
  • Configure subscription licenses using email address. No need to copy and paste the license key every month.
  • Isolate, Hide, Zoom selected components in an assembly.
  • Copy text from Analyze dialog using Ctrl + C.
  • Change unit of measurement from Settings > Measure.
  • Fixed crashes with some Pro/ENGINEER assembly files.
  • Fixed incorrect display of notes in some CATIA files.

 Glovius for Windows v4.0.4 (9th March, 2015)

  • SolidWorks 2015, NX 10 are now supported.
  • Parts – Support for multi-body parts.
  • Bug fix – Bouding box measurements.
  • Bug fix – Measurement of circle radius.

 Glovius for Android v3.6 (9th February, 2015)

  • All-new design.
  • New app tour.
  • Subscribe from within the app.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.

 Glovius for Windows v4.0.3

  • Markups – Add, Edit and Delete Markups.
  • Bug fix – Improvements in Section Plane (Size).
  • Bug fix – “Escape” now cancels the currently selected operation.
  • Bug fix – Selection improvements for NX files.
  • Bug fix – Improvements in quality of Compare Files.
  • Bug fix – Improvements in Measurement of VRML files.

 Glovius for Windows v4.0.2

  • Support for CATIA V5-6 2014, Creo Parametric 3.0.
  • Support for Solid Edge ST7, Autodesk Inventor 2015.
  • Piping feature support in CATIA.
  • Improvements in Markup and Annotations.
  • Bug fix – Annotations now display properly within tables.
  • Bug fix – SolidWorks IPS units are now handled properly.
  • Bug fix – Japanese fonts now display properly in CATIA annotations.

 Glovius for Windows v4.0

  • Performance improvement for importers.

 Glovius for Android v3.4

  • Pull to refresh “My Files”
  • See preview images in “My Files” list
  • Receive notifications for new files
  • Press and hold to view component bounding box
  • Create free Babel3D account from within the app

 Glovius for Windows v3.9

  • Touch mode for Windows desktop application
  • Measurement in non-brep JT files
  • Support for BOM:Instancing
  • PDF export for BOM
  • Manipulate 3D components using mouse gestures

 Glovius for Windows v3.7

  • Placed triad for added section plane through multiclip plugin
  • Improved the quality and performance of profile creation and detection.
  • Added a Watermark to our ActiveX Viewer with a Hyperlink to our site

 Glovius for Android v3.3

  • Select and upload models from your Dropbox
  • Search model attributes
  • Watch a quick tour of the app and become familiar with all the features of Glovius for Android

 Glovius for iOS v3.5

  • Create a free 7day trial account from the app
  • Upload models from your Dropbox
  • All new design for iOS 7
  • Download multiple files simultaneously
  • See preview icons against file names
  • Get notifications when your models are ready to download

 Glovius for Windows v3.6.1

  • Added Floating License Support

 Glovius for Windows v3.6

  • Added 3DXML file format in part of CATIA Bundle
  • Added support for “Shadow”
  • New “Analyze” feature

Glovius for Android v3.2

  • All new “My Files” interface with combined file view
  • Sort, search and sync files
  • Download multiple files at a time
  • Support for Model Views
  • Support for shadows

 Glovius for iOS v3.4

  • Glovius startup tour
  • Shadows for models
  • Play Model Views continuously

 Glovius for Windows v3.5.1

  • Added export as 3D pdf

 Glovius for Windows v3.5

  • Move the selected components using triad
  • Export BOM as csv
  • “Compare model” is now available with all viewers

 Glovius for iOS v3.3

  • Bounding box dimensions for each component
  •  Improved “My Files” with pull to refresh & search

 Glovius for Windows v3.4.1

  • Added GUI Add-on for BOM
  • Support for Assembly level compare

 Glovius for Windows v3.4

  • Measure on section profile
  • Compare feature for parts(geometry and attribute)
  • Support for Attribute editor

 Glovius for Windows v3.3

  • Enhanced measurement capability in markup and collaboration
  • Improved insert and edit functionality

 Glovius for Android v3.1

  • Continuous play animation functionality
  • Material structure support
  • Email Glovius file functionality

 Glovius for Windows v3.2

  • Added “Fit to part section plane” and “face highlight in sectioning” add-on
  • Importer for Rhino files
  • Importer for 3D pdf files

 Glovius for iOS v3.2

  • Model views (Stored views from JT, Captures from Catia)
  • View and search attributes information

 Glovius for Windows v3.1

  • Importer for CATIA V4, V6, CGR files(added in CatiaV5 add-on)
  • Importer for IDEAS, PARASOLID files(added in NX add-on)
  • Importer for STEP/IGES files
  • Importer for CoCreate OSDM, CADDS files(added in ProE add-on)
  • Importer for SolidEdge files(new add-on)
  • Importer for PRC, U3D, VDAFS, VRML, COLLADA, 3DS, OBJ files(new add-on)
  • Importer for DWG and DXF(3D) files in Babel3D
  • Added 3DS exporter in Babel3D
  • Added OBJ exporter in Babel3D
  • Support for PMI associative with face and edge (ProE, Unigraphics, CatiaV5)
  • Support for measurement in STL, 3DS, OBJ files
  • Glovius SDK available for development

 Glovius for Windows v3.0

  • Importer for STL files
  • Importer for ProE, UG, CatiaV5, SolidWorks, Inventor file formats
  • Support for importing PMI and model views of supported CAD formats.
  • Attributes support for all CAD formats

 Glovius for Windows v2.3

  • Added Multiclip section Add-on
  • Added sectioning in model views
  • Modified PMI settings
  • Added measurement display settings

 Glovius for iOS v3.1

  • Support for iPhone 5 & iOS 6
  • Create, edit & reposition Text markups
  • Standard views
  • Animate standard views
  • Minor bug fixes

 Glovius for Windows v2.2

  • Support for general ActiveX control
  • Export as HTML
  • Play Model Views continuously
  • Support for non-admin installation
  • 64-bit support for CatiaV5 file format
  • Added Scene axis in viewer
  • Added Standard views add-on
  • Added Render mode (shaded ,Shaded with wireframe, Wireframe)

 Glovius for Android v3.0

  • Get pro button image removed and simple text added
  • Free hand Markup feature with send/save markup
  • UI ease especially for tablet devices

 Glovius for Windows v2.1

  • Added “Advanced Measurement” add-on
  • Added “PMI search sort and filter” add-on
  • Export as STL
  • Introduced 64-bit version of Glovius Application

 Glovius for iOS v3.0

  • Collaborate & share feedback using the free hand markup tool
  •  Show/Hide Components by Material/Color
  •  Email Glovius models from within the app
  •  UI improvements
  •  Support for retina display
  •  Performance improvements
  •  Sample models included

 Glovius for Android v2.1

  • In Lite version, provided a link for pro version
  • Some default models added
  • Product structure support
  • Standard view animation
  • In Lite version, provided a link for pro version
  • Some default models added

 Glovius for Windows v2.0

  • PMI support in Catia V5(Note, Flag Note, Linear Dimension) files
  • Export as light weight JT
  • Added point snapping in measurement
  • Print your Models
  • Automatic configuration of demo license upon installation
  • Implemented USP License

 Glovius for Android v1.1

  • Removed Azure toolkit and used webAPI for Babel3d integration
  • Login session stored for Babel3d
  • Save & send snapshot functionality added
  • Removed string which describes Babel3d free web service

 Glovius for Android v1.0

  • Bounding box for performance
  • Texture support
  • Cross section
  • Background setting
  • Ease in file download
  • File Association

 Glovius for Windows v1.4

  • Added “Markup” and “Collaboration” add-on

 Glovius for iOS v2.2.3

  • Fixed compatibility with the updated Babel3D service

 Glovius for Windows v1.3

  • Added “Model views” and “Measurment” add-on

 Glovius for iOS v2.2.2

  • Product Structure, with Hide/Show is available for JT, STEP & IGES models
  • PMI Hide/Show toggle in settings
  • Bug fixes for Babel3D account related issues

 Glovius for Windows v1.2

  • Importer for CAD(ProE,CatiaV5,NX,SolidWorks and Inventor) files

 Glovius for iOS v2.2.1

  • login issues are fixed
  • Minor UI glitches on iOS5 are fixed

 Glovius for Windows v1.1

  • Added “Attribute Viewer” and “JT file editor” add-on

 Glovius for iOS v2.2

  • Drag the section plane for dynamic cross-section 
  • Roll the model using the rotation gesture
  • Better performance for large models
  • Improved “My Files” list

 Glovius for iOS v2.1

  • Now available for the iPhone
  • Support for textures in 3D models
  • Files list is now alphabetically sorted
  • Support for STEP/IGES, SketchUp, 3DS & OBJ formats (through

 Glovius for Windows v1.0

  • Importer for “Plmxml and Step\Iges” files

 Glovius for iOS 2.0

  • Huge improvement in performance & model load time
  • Save/Email Snapshots of the open model
  • You can now Flip clip planes & switch section profile On/Off
  • UI Enhancements & Bug fixes