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Section 3D CAD Models in Glovius

Cut Dynamic Sections

Section tool helps you understand the geometric structure of a part and see the internal construction of an assembly.

Cut dynamic sections along standard and custom planes. Create multiple sections. Add section hatching, see outline and cap, measure section profile, and toggle section plane visibility. Exclude components from sectioning using the “Exclude from section” option in the right click menu.

Multiple Section Planes

Select up to 3 section planes from –

  • Standard XY, YZ, and ZX Planes
  • Select a planar face to create a section plane
  • Select coplanar edges to create a section plane
  • Select any 3 points to create a section plane
  • Select a Reference plane to create a section plane

Visibility Options

  • Move the Section planes.
  • Switch the visibility of Sections planes On/Off.
  • Flip the direction of Section plane movement.
  • View CAP or Outline of the Section Profile.
  • Measure the Section Profile.
  • Easily identify components of an assembly. Switch the hatching On/Off for enhance visibility.
  • Exclude components from Sectioning.

Video Tutorial

Watch a video tutorial of the Section feature in Glovius.