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Release Notes – Archive

Glovius Release Notes

Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.512 (11th December, 2017)
Access to tutorials from Glovius.
Support for colors in VRML files.
Added Glovius tips to highlight features and tools.
Miscellaneous Bug fixes and minor enhancements.

Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.489 (7th November, 2017)
Improvements to Projected Area tool.
Improvements to Draft Analysis tool.
Bug fixes and Improvements.

Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.454 (4th October, 2017)
Thickness Analysis : Calculate the wall thickness of components.
Generate HTML report : Create a HTML file with 3D data and open it in any modern browser
Draft Angle Measurement : Calculate the draft angles in a components
Calculate the Projected Area of a component
Glovius now supports CATIA V5-6 R2017-R27 and Inventor 2018 files.
Analyze improvements :
    • Improved Accuracy of length, width and thickness.
    • Calculate the mass of sub-assemblies.
    • Show in 3D mode: Always display the length, width and thickness

Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.372 (8th September, 2017)
Floating license improvement.

Glovius for Android v4.5 (8th August, 2017)
Directory Support.
Bug fixes.

Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.370 (7th July, 2017)
Contextual Menu add in Glovius : Quickly access the most common features used for parts and assemblies by Right Click
Previous and Next View : Move between the View states of the component. Access this feature from Ribbon and the Contextual Menu
Assistive measurement feature : View the measurement value before placing it.
Bug fixes.

Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.325 (24th May, 2017)
Apply Hatching in sections
Measure angle between the pipes
Apply color to individual components

Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.275 (6th April, 2017)
Assistive Measure for Points: Measure using Points filter to highlight nearby points in the component
Glovius 2D Viewer: Export CATDrawing files to PDF
Borrow licenses: Floating licenses can now be borrowed from the license server from Glovius app

Glovius for Android v4.4 (27th March, 2017)
Improved File Opening Performance.
VR Support for Google Cardboard.
Bug fixes.

Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.235 (3rd March, 2017)
Branding Changes
General bug fixes

Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.228 (8th February, 2017)
Automatically check for updates and provide an option for the user to install the update
Export to Image, 3D PDF, STL, PPT, Glovius Mobile, BOM are available in Export tab
Length, breadth & height of components are now available in BoM report

Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.200 (17th January, 2017)
Three point radius measurement support
Count of Annotations present in file
Move components of multibody models

Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.176 (13th December, 2016)
Underline all measurements in Glovius
Delta measurement values (dx, dy, dz) will be available on status bar
Add Color to assembly components
General improvements and bug fixes

Glovius for iOS v4.4.2 (8th Dec, 2016)
UI Improvements.
Bug fixes.

Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.138 (14th October, 2016)
Support for .CATDrawing in Glovius 2D viewer
Load only product structure for Catia, NX and Pro-E
General improvements and bug fixes

Glovius for Windows v4.4.0.27 (28th July, 2016)
Glovius now supports CATIA V5-6 R2016-R26 and Inventor 2017 files.
New UI with a refreshed ribbon bar layout
Ability to measure within a section plane
Improved Explode function
Improved Collaboration
General improvements and bug fixes

Glovius for iOS v4.4.1 (23rd May, 2016)
Up to 30% improvement in file open time.
Responsive file list.
Bug fixes.

Glovius for Windows v4.3 (9th May, 2016)
Add and Load MarkUp in OMNI
Support for license borrowing
Support for 3D mouse
Billet size calculations in the Analyze dialogue box
Apply transparency Effect

Glovius for iOS v4.4 (11th April, 2016)
Improved file opening performance up to 30%.
Bug fixes.

Glovius for iOS v4.3 (14th March, 2016)
3D model look better with improved visual appearance.
Receive notification on multiple devices.
Bug fixes.

Glovius for Android v4.3 (7th March, 2016)
User Interface Improvements.
3D Component Visibility Options.
Analyze Feature.
View Bill of Material (BOM).
Bug fixes.

Glovius for iOS v4.2 (8th Feb, 2016)
Updates for iOS 9.
Crash fix on iOS 9.
Up to 30% improvement in file open Performance.

Glovius for Windows v4.1 (5th November, 2015)
Measurement – Center of circle is now highlighted, when snapping to the circle edge.
Glovius is now available in Simplified Chinese.
BETA – Simple explosion for assemblies.
More options in exporting Bill of Materials.
Improvements in progress bar, while opening and exporting files.
Subscription customers can now cancel subscription from within the app.

Glovius for iOS v4.1 (21th Sep, 2015)
Perform point to point measurement.
Perform tape and delta measurement.
Support for Hide and show components.
Support for isolate Components, make components transparent/solid.
View Bill of Materials(BOM).
3D scene triad.

Glovius for Windows v4.0.7 (18th August, 2015)
Glovius now supports CATIA V5-6 R2015-R25 and Inventor 2016 files.
Change background color while exporting to PDF.
Define search directories for loading components in assemblies.
All CAD Viewers now include support for viewing STEP, IGES and STL files.
Compare models faster with the ability to measure, section and save the result.
Edge thickness, text leaders and arrowheads look better.
Export to PDF is now faster, with better quality.

Glovius for Windows v4.0.6 (30th July, 2015)
Subscription customers can now use email to configure licenses. No more monthly license configuration.
Glovius is now available in Korean.
One click export of standard and model views to Powerpoint Presentation (PPT).
Density related bug fixes.
Import hidden geometry elements and measure them in Glovius.
Link to online help and documentation.
Fixed a bug in floating license configuration.

Glovius for Android v4.2 (21th July, 2015)
Performance Improvement.
Customer issue related to Drop Box file open is fixed.

Glovius for iOS v4.0 (2nd July, 2015)
All new design.
Support for point to point measurement.
Open files faster with significantly improved rotational performance.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Glovius for Android v4.1 (23rd June, 2015)
My file grid support.
Bug fixes.

Glovius for Android v4.0 (27th April, 2015)
Support for Bounding box measurements.
Clipping support.
Performance improvements.

Glovius for Windows v4.0.5 (16th April, 2015)
Glovius is now available in English, French, German, Japanese.
Configure subscription licenses using email address. No need to copy and paste the license key every month.
Isolate, Hide, Zoom selected components in an assembly.
Copy text from Analyze dialog using Ctrl + C.
Change unit of measurement from Settings > Measure.
Fixed crashes with some Pro/ENGINEER assembly files.
Fixed incorrect display of notes in some CATIA files.

Glovius for Windows v4.0.4 (9th March, 2015)
SolidWorks 2015, NX 10 are now supported.
Parts – Support for multi-body parts.
Bug fix – Bouding box measurements.
Bug fix – Measurement of circle radius.

Glovius for Android v3.6 (9th February, 2015)
All new design.
New app tour.
Subscribe from within the app.
Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Glovius for Windows v4.0.3
Markups – Add, Edit and Delete Markups.
Bug fix – Improvements in Section Plane (Size).
Bug fix – “Escape” now cancels the currently selected operation.
Bug fix – Selection improvements for NX files.
Bug fix – Improvements in quality of Compare Files.
Bug fix – Improvements in Measurement of VRML files.

Glovius for Windows v4.0.2
Support for CATIA V5-6 2014, Creo Parametric 3.0.
Support for Solid Edge ST7, Autodesk Inventor 2015.
Piping feature support in CATIA.
Improvements in Markup and Annotations.
Bug fix – Annotations now display properly within tables.
Bug fix – SolidWorks IPS units are now handled properly.
Bug fix – Japanese fonts now display properly in CATIA annotations.

Glovius for Windows v4.0
Performance improvement for importers.

Glovius for Android v3.4
Pull to refresh “My Files”
See preview images in “My Files” list
Receive notifications for new files
Press and hold to view component bounding box
Create free Babel3D account from within the app

Glovius for Windows v3.9
Touch mode for Windows desktop application
Measurement in non-brep JT files
Support for BOM:Instancing
PDF export for BOM
Manipulate 3D components using mouse gestures

Glovius for Windows v3.7
Placed triad for added section plane through multiclip plugin
Improved the quality and performance of profile creation and detection.
Added a Watermark to our ActiveX Viewer with a Hyperlink to our site

Glovius for Android v3.3
Select and upload models from your Dropbox
Search model attributes
Watch a quick tour of the app and become familiar with all the features of Glovius for Android

Glovius for iOS v3.5
Create a free 7day trial account from the app
Upload models from your Dropbox
All new design for iOS 7
Download multiple files simultaneously
See preview icons against file names
Get notifications when your models are ready to download

Glovius for Windows v3.6.1
Added Floating License Support

Glovius for Windows v3.6
Added 3DXML file format in part of CATIA Bundle
Added support for “Shadow”
New “Analyze” feature

Glovius for Android v3.2
All new “My Files” interface with combined file view
Sort, search and sync files
Download multiple files at a time
Support for Model Views
Support for shadows

Glovius for iOS v3.4
Glovius startup tour
Shadows for models
Play Model Views continuously

Glovius for Windows v3.5.1
Added export as 3D pdf

Glovius for Windows v3.5
Move the selected components using triad
Export BOM as csv
“Compare model” is now available with all viewers

Glovius for iOS v3.3
Bounding box dimensions for each component
Improved “My Files” with pull to refresh & search

Glovius for Windows v3.4.1
Added GUI Add-on for BOM
Support for Assembly level compare

Glovius for Windows v3.4
Measure on section profile
Compare feature for parts(geometry and attribute)
Support for Attribute editor

Glovius for Windows v3.3
Enhanced measurement capability in markup and collaboration
Improved insert and edit functionality

Glovius for Android v3.1
Continuous play animation functionality
Material structure support
Email Glovius file functionality

Glovius for Windows v3.2
Added “Fit to part section plane” and “face highlight in sectioning” add-on
Importer for Rhino files
Importer for 3D pdf files

Glovius for iOS v3.2
Model views (Stored views from JT, Captures from Catia)
View and search attributes information

Glovius for Windows v3.1
Importer for CATIA V4, V6, CGR files(added in CatiaV5 add-on)
Importer for IDEAS, PARASOLID files(added in NX add-on)
Importer for STEP/IGES files
Importer for CoCreate OSDM, CADDS files(added in ProE add-on)
Importer for SolidEdge files(new add-on)
Importer for PRC, U3D, VDAFS, VRML, COLLADA, 3DS, OBJ files(new add-on)
Importer for DWG and DXF(3D) files in Babel3D
Added 3DS exporter in Babel3D
Added OBJ exporter in Babel3D
Support for PMI associative with face and edge (ProE, Unigraphics, CatiaV5)
Support for measurement in STL, 3DS, OBJ files
Glovius SDK available for development

Glovius for Windows v3.0
Importer for STL files
Importer for ProE, UG, CatiaV5, SolidWorks, Inventor file formats
Support for importing PMI and model views of supported CAD formats
Attributes support for all CAD formats

Glovius for Windows v2.3
Added Multiclip section Add-on
Added sectioning in model views
Modified PMI settings
Added measurement display settings

Glovius for iOS v3.1
Support for iPhone 5 & iOS 6
Create, edit & reposition Text markups
Standard views
Animate standard views
Minor bug fixes

Glovius for Windows v2.2
Support for general ActiveX control
Export as HTML
Play Model Views continuously
Support for non-admin installation
64-bit support for CatiaV5 file format
Added Scene axis in viewer
Added Standard views add-on
Added Render mode (shaded ,Shaded with wireframe, Wireframe)

Glovius for Android v3.0
Get pro button image removed and simple text added
Free hand Markup feature with send/save markup
UI ease especially for tablet devices

Glovius for Windows v2.1
Added “Advanced Measurement” add-on
Added “PMI search sort and filter” add-on
Export as STL
Introduced 64-bit version of Glovius Application

Glovius for iOS v3.0
Collaborate & share feedback using the free hand markup tool
Show/Hide Components by Material/Color
Email Glovius models from within the app
UI improvements
Support for retina display
Performance improvements
Sample models included

Glovius for Android v2.1
In Lite version, provided a link for pro version
Some default models added
Product structure support
Standard view animation
In Lite version, provided a link for pro version
Some default models added

Glovius for Windows v2.0
PMI support in Catia V5(Note, Flag Note, Linear Dimension) files
Export as light weight JT
Added point snapping in measurement
Print your Models
Automatic configuration of demo license upon installation
Implemented USP License

Glovius for Android v1.1
Removed Azure toolkit and used webAPI for Babel3d integration
Login session stored for Babel3d
Save & send snapshot functionality added
Removed string which describes Babel3d free web service

Glovius for Android v1.0
Bounding box for performance
Texture support
Cross section
Background setting
Ease in file download
File Association

Glovius for Windows v1.4
Added “Markup” and “Collaboration” add-on

Glovius for iOS v2.2.3
Fixed compatibility with the updated Babel3D service

Glovius for Windows v1.3
Added “Model views” and “Measurment” add-on

Glovius for iOS v2.2.2
Product Structure, with Hide/Show is available for JT, STEP & IGES models
PMI Hide/Show toggle in settings
Bug fixes for Babel3D account related issues

Glovius for Windows v1.2
Importer for CAD(ProE,CatiaV5,NX,SolidWorks and Inventor) files

Glovius for iOS v2.2.1 login issues are fixed
Minor UI glitches on iOS5 are fixed

Glovius for Windows v1.1
Added “Attribute Viewer” and “JT file editor” add-on

Glovius for iOS v2.2
Drag the section plane for dynamic crosssectioning
Roll the model using the rotation gesture
Better performance for large models
Improved “My Files” list

Glovius for iOS v2.1
Now available for the iPhone
Support for textures in 3D models
Files list is now alphabetically sorted
Support for STEP/IGES, SketchUp, 3DS & OBJ formats (through

Glovius for Windows v1.0
Importer for “Plmxml and Step\Iges” files

Glovius for iOS 2.0
Huge improvement in performance & model load time
Save/Email Snapshots of the open model
You can now Flip clip planes & switch section profile On/Off
UI Enhancements & Bug fixes