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Bill of Materials (BOM)

A bill of materials (bill of material or BOM) is a list of the constituents of an assembly. The constituents of an assembly could be parts or other sub-assemblies as well. Bill of Materials is typically consumed by all downstream departments like Production, Planning, Purchasing and Assembling departments. The reports typically have the name  of the component and the quantity.  

In Glovius, you can use the BoM tool to view the Bill of Materials and also export BoM reports in PDF or CSV documents. The BoM report in PDF consists of the Name, Quantity, Extent dimensions and a reference image for quick identification in assembling operations. 

Bill of Materials Glovius
View and export BOM for a CAD Assembly

View and Export BOM for a CAD Assembly 

With Glovius, you can export BOM data and save as a CSV or PDF file. BOM exported from Glovius defines the product as designed (engineering bill of materials). Steps to View and Export BoM reports in Glovius for CAD assemblies : 

  • Open an assembly file in Glovius and Navigate to ‘Tools’ tab. Click on ‘BoM’ tool to View the BoM table.  
  • You can change the structure of the BoM report by choosing the BoM level from the four options – Top Level, Part Level, Sub Assembly and Product Structure. Each of these options help you in creating a BoM report as per your use. For example if you are at the initial stages, you can use the part level BoM report to get the inventory at the start of the assembly process. Some organizations, model the assemblies to follow the work instructions. In such cases you can use the ‘Product Structure’ to get the appropriate BoM report.  
  • To export the BoM report, Navigate to the Export tab and choose either the BoM PDF or the BoM CSV formats for generating the report. The CSV report consists of the attribute information as well. 

Download Glovius today and create BoM reports with a single click.  

7 thoughts on “Bill of Materials (BOM)”

  1. Dear Mr. Oza

    Your tool seem really interesting, but I would like to export more informations from the BOM into the CSV file, like for example : the volumes and the surfaces of each single part.

    Do you think there is a solution to do this operation with one of your tools ?

    Tanks a lot for your reply.

    Sincerely yours,

  2. Hello Bruno,

    Thanks for your interest in Glovius. In the next release, we are adding attributes export to the CSV file.
    Adding Volume, Surface information is a great idea.

    We will consider this in the next release, version 3.7. Due late March.
    Please do write to us at with your feedback and suggestions.

    Siddhartha Oza
    Product Manager

  3. Hello Siddhartha,

    Thank you so much for your fast reply !

    I will then transfer my suggestion at your support service.


  4. Hellow. Your system very interest.
    Is enable to modify user interface?
    Is enable to integrated the another window application platform?

  5. Hello Song,

    Glovius SDK is available for modification of UI and integration with other applications. For more details, please email us at

    Siddhartha Oza
    Product Manager
    Glovius, Babel3D and eDrawings Publishers

  6. Hello Jiří Šilar,

    Yes you can export BoM with attributes and metadata stored in the assemblies. Use the CSV format to get the BoM report with all this information.

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