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Export 3D CAD Parts and Assemblies to 3D PDF

Today PDF file format has become the standard for sharing read only version of files. The main advantages of a PDF document is its accessibility on multiple platforms and familiarity with the free readers available in the market. 

3D PDF files are also self-contained and can be used for collaboration or archival purposes. 

Export 3d components to  3D pdf
Export 3d components to 3D pdf

Here are the simple steps to create a 3D PDF document from CAD parts and assemblies : 

  1. Open a 3D CAD file in Glovius and Navigate to ‘Export’ tab 
  2. Click on the ‘3D PDF’ and choose the path and Click ‘Save’ 
  3. Your 3D PDF document is ready. 

Download Glovius today and create 3D PDF documents from your CAD files.  

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