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Export CAD files to 3D HTML

HTML plus WebGL Technology

HTML files can be easily viewed in a browser. All computers have a browser installed by default, that can display HTML files from local storage or hard disk drive. In addition, all modern browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge) can render 3D using WebGL. WebGL is a Javascript-based graphics library for rendering 2D and 3D graphics without the need for additional plugins.

HTML plus WebGL technology offers an alternative to Adobe PDF, for rendering 3D parts and assemblies on all computers, tablets, and smartphones.

With Glovius, export 3D CAD parts and assemblies as HTML files and view them in a browser. There is no need to install any application or a plugin.

The exported 3D HTML files have the Glovius WebGL viewer built in. The HTML file contains 3D Geometry, along with PMI, Attributes, and Product Structure (in case of assemblies). The CAD data is compressed and optimized for display in web browsers. In addition, the 3D data is tessellated, thereby protecting the IP of original CAD files. This data is sufficient for consumption use cases, with high fidelity and in-built tools.

Glovius WebGL Viewer

Glovius WebGL viewer offers the following features in the HTML file –

  • View and Navigation Features – Zoom, Pan, and Rotate the 3D data. View Top/Bottom, Left/Right, Front/Back and Isometric Standard Views. Change projection between Perspective and Orthographic. Toggle between Shaded, Wireframe, and Mixed render modes. Reset the 3D model using Home.
  • Product Structure – View Product Structure of Assemblies and hide/show components from the assembly tree. Select components in the assembly tree to highlight them in 3D, and vice versa.
  • PMI – View PMI and GDnT information, if present in the CAD part or assembly.
  • Component Visibility – Apply colors and transparency for easy identification. Hide, Show, Isolate, and Move components.
  • Measure – Measure points, line segments and circular arcs.
  • Section – Cut dynamic sections using standard XY, YZ, and XZ standard planes.
  • Bill of Materials – View Bill of Materials (BoM) information in assemblies.
  • Take a snapshot and save it.

The exported 3D HTML files can be used on websites, intranets, and on local shared drives for collaborating on 3D CAD data easily and securely.

Export CAD parts and assemblies to 3D HTML. View in any modern web browser, with embedded 3D viewer.
A CATIA Assembly is exported as 3D HTML from Glovius for Windows and opened in Microsoft Edge web browser (inside window)

Advantages of 3D HTML

Some of the advantages of using a 3D HTML are –

  1. Use anywhere, independent of any application and platform. All modern computers come with a browser that supports WebGL, making it possible to view 3D HTML files without any additional installation or configuration.
  2. Glovius 3D HTML files are lightweight, and still provide high visual quality and fidelity.
  3. Powerful tools for analysis, including Measure, Section, and Bill of Materials.
  4. Export CAD assemblies to 3D HTML and share a single file.
  5. It provides an alternative to 3D PDF files.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question – What CAD file formats can be exported to 3D HTML in Glovius?
Answer – All 3D CAD formats can be exported to HTML in Glovius.

Question – Can Glovius export a DWG/DXF file to HTML?
Answer – Currently, Glovius does not support the export of 2D DWG/DXF files to HTML.

Question – Is there a separate license required for exporting 3D HTML from Glovius?
Answer – 3D HTML export is available in all licenses. No additional license is required to use this feature.

Question – How can I try out this feature?
Answer – Register for a free trial of Glovius from the link below. After installing Glovius, open a part or an assembly file and export it to 3D HTML.

Question – Does the exported HTML need a connection to the Glovius website?
Answer – No. the exported 3D HTML is self-contained and does not require a connection to Glovius or any other website.

Question – Which operating systems are supported?
Answer – For viewing 3D HTML, it is more a question of browser support. Any browser that supports WebGL technology, will be able to render the HTML exported from Glovius.

Download Glovius today and export CAD parts and assemblies to 3D HTML.

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