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Export 3D Components to HTML

Glovius can export 3D parts and assemblies to HTML file format. This helps you view your 3D parts and assemblies on any modern browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge. As all PC’s today have a browser installed by default, the 3DHTML format would work on any machine without the need to install any application or a plugin to view 3D CAD parts and assemblies.  

The exported 3DHTML files are self-contained with 3D Geometry along-with metadata such as Attributes and BoM table ( in case of assemblies). The 3D HTML file also contains Glovius Web Viewer and you will be able to Section, Toggle Views, Rotate, Pan, Zoom and Save a Snapshot. The main advantages of exporting to 3D HTML are : 

  • Use anywhere and View 3D CAD files directly in the browser. No additional software needed. As most modern PC’s are preinstalled with a modern browser that support WebGL and hence 3D HTML files. 
  • Lightweight yet powerful : The 3D HTML files are compressed without compromising on the visual quality or fidelity when compared with the original CAD file 
  • Create unified packages with 3D geometry, attributes and the web viewer. 
Export 3D parts and assemblies to 3DHTML, export CATIA to 3D HTML
Click on the image to download a sample 3D HTML page

Click on the image to download a sample 3D HTML page 

The inbuilt set of tools expose most often used functionality with the 3D files with familiar User Interface namely, 

  1. View Navigation : Rotate, Pan and Zoom   
  2. Measure : Measure points, line segments and circular arcs 
  3. View Analyses tools :  Apply colors to components, Toggle Visibility or Isolate components 
  4. Download Image snapshots : Download a image snapshot  

Download Glovius today and try out the latest improvements and export your CAD parts and assemblies to 3D HTML. 

2 thoughts on “Export 3D Components to HTML”

  1. Hello
    Will files exported in html still be accessible when the one-year subscription has expired?
    Thank you for your answer

  2. Hello Halter,
    Yes the exported HTML files will be accessible. They are derivative formats and hence not dependent on the license of Glovius.

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