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Part 3: The Digital Zen – Paperless Manufacturing and 3D Collaboration

In this series of posts, we discuss how HCL Glovius provides access to 3D design data to downstream users at a fraction of cost of CAD licenses and offers purpose-built tools to speed up the decision-making process and improve throughput of downstream users. Part 1: The First Small Step – Gain Giant Benefits discussed how adopting a tool like Glovius allows users in various teams across an organization to access, archive, and retrieve information at a faster pace, without having to spend significant money on 3D modeling tool licenses. Part 2: The Middle Ground- Reducing Manual Tasks and Digitizing Workflows discusses how users can easily digitize workflows.

In this post, you’ll see how making workflows completely digital solves issues of access to 3D engineering data, visualization, design analysis, and report generation are solved.

Digitizing workflows improves team output and efficiency while enabling instant access and traceability. A digitized workflow brings together stakeholders over multiple teams and geographies, in real time, and removes the costly and time-consuming element of collaboration.

Product design reviews are one of the costliest and time-consuming tasks as it involves multiple stakeholders distributed in different teams and geographies.

As these visualization tools are cost effective and easy to use with no requirements for training, they can be adopted by novice, experienced and differential users of CAD applications – and this mix of experience is the right audience for a collaborative design review process. Users can add markups, redline, and draw attention to specific measurements and collaborate with other users. Organizations who have used Word documents, spreadsheets, or images will find that a single 3D component in tools like Glovius can convey the context, intent, and additional references to design reviewers, which tools like Word are simply not made for.

During design review phases, you can equip your teams to consume 3D data and use it as the standard for collaboration. Design reviews can sometimes be stage gated at different times like requirements review, systems design review, or ad-hoc reviews, all of which can be conducted with Glovius. Redline your 3D designs or mark them up with general notes or text with leaders. Share the markup file with other collaborators in your design review process. The markups are sideloaded when the original CAD file is opened in Glovius.

These tools enable downstream users in your organization to go digital too and use 3D CAD data from designers. One of our large European industrial customers is now completely digital and has equipped their sales team, production planners, and should-costing and assembly technicians with Glovius, digitizing their entire operation from shopfloor to sharing reports with customers.

Here are the workflows that have been adapted to 3D with Glovius

  • Assembly technicians: The line technicians open 3D model assemblies in Glovius while assembling machines. On the work floor, with the help of Glovius, assembly mechanics view 3D models and see how parts should be assembled. They can also view the entire project and use it to determine the placement of the unit in the complete assembly
  • Service teams: this customer’s service teams provide information to customers with assembly unit information and can place orders using the built-in BoM tool in Glovius
  • Production planning teams: The planners use Glovius to gain insights into the project and for computing assembly time
  • Purchasing teams: The purchasing manager uses Glovius to refer and create rough estimates of the required items and determine the commercial offer viability

    This series of posts illustrates how easy it is to adopt HCL Glovius into an organization’s workflow. The benefits of time and cost savings, along with the increased collaboration across teams and with customers, make adopting Glovius an integral part of modernizing your organization by digitizing workflow.

    Visit our Resources page to access on demand webinars and case studies on Customers adopting Glovius for achieving various workflows and use-cases. Download and evaluate Glovius today to see for yourself how it saves paperwork, increases efficiency and workflow, and modernizes your data.

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