A Geometric product.

Pro/ENGINEER & Creo Viewer

View Pro/ENGINEER & Creo Files

View Pro/ENGINEER & Creo prt and asm files. View OSDM, CADDS files with Glovius Pro/ENGINEER Viewer.

Price: $295

Also available in floating licenses and monthly subscription plans.

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  • View Pro/ENGINEER & Creo Part (.prt) & Assembly (.asm) files.
  • View OneSpace Designer (.pkg, .bdl) files, CADDS(._pd) & JT files.
  • Zoom, Pan, Rotate models, with full screen support.
  • Standard Views with animations, Render modes and perspective camera.
  • View product structure, hide/show/move components.
  • View, hide/show, search, filter PMI data; View captures and model views.
  • View, search attributes and properties; Print, and Email snapshots.
  • Perform accurate linear, radial & angular measurements.
  • Take sections, with multiple section planes, flip & profile support.
  • Compare models; See differences in 3D, attributes, product structure.
  • Add notes, markups, dimensions, section & model views and save as JT
  • Export to 3D PDF, STL/3DS/OBJ; Export Bill of Materials (BOM) as CSV.
  • Export to Glovius Mobile. View with free Glovius iOS & Android apps.

About Glovius Pro/ENGINEER and Creo Viewer

Formats Supported

Pro/ENGINEER – Up to Wildfire 5; File extensions – ASM, NEU, PRT, XAS, XPR
Creo – Elements/Pro 5.0, Parametric 3.0; File extensions – ASM, NEU, PRT, XAS, XPR
OSDM, CADDS – File extensions – PKG, BDL, _PD

System Requirements

Windows 7, 8 and 8.1
1280 X 1024 or higher, with support for 32-bit color
4GB RAM or more


Write to us at support@glovius.com with your questions or ask for a product demo over webex. Take a tour, read the release notes and FAQs to know more.