Glovius PLUS launched with STEP, IGES, Parasolid and 3MF file exporter. Visit the Online Store for details.

Gallery – Glovius for Windows

Image Gallery and Product Tour – Glovius for Windows

  • View popular CAD files without a CAD license. Zoom, Pan rotate models. Hide, Isolate components from the component tree.
  • Perform linear, angular, radial and surface area measurement using intuitive point, edge, face and circle filters.
  • Cut sections along standard planes to custom planes. Measure in the section plane.
  • Get one click overview of components using the Analyze feature. Shows extent dimensions, mass, volume, surface area and center of gravity.
  • The Analyze in 3D feature shows the extent dimensions and mass properties of the selected component on the display window at all times.
  • Apply color and transparency effects to individual components or the entire assembly.
  • Analyze component thickness to identify thick & thin regions.