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Glovius v6.0 is now available with significant improvements in performance and visual fidelity,
new functionalities and enhanced tools to visualize and analyze 3D parts and assemblies faster.

What’s New in Glovius v6.0

Improved File Open Performance by upto 35%

With a new rendering engine and a complete revamp of the software internals – Glovius will open files significantly faster. Our internal tests on performance parts have shown an average improvement of 35%

The general responsiveness and smoothness of Glovius during view operations like rotate are noticeably improved.

Enhanced Export with Visibility Toggles:

Selectively export only the visible geometry to other 3D formats

Export only the visible components of an assembly to other derivative 3D formats like STEP, IGES or JT. Protect IP and share specific sub-assemblies of an assembly with context on a need-to-know basis

3D Collaboration with Markups

Add redlines, add texts and notes, and collaborate in 3D. Make your design reviews and collaboration workflows digital

  • Collaborate faster, with better intent
  • Clearer, with better context and
  • Seamlessly, with native CAD designs

Improved Visual Fidelity

Improved quality of visual display of 3D parts and assembles with a new lighting scheme and HLR mode

Improved Tool Accuracy

Glovius tools like collision analysis, thickness analysis and draft analysis have improved results with better accuracy

Some Major Benefits in Glovius v6.0

  1. High performance visualization of CAD data
  2. Export selected components of an assembly to 3D formats like STEP, IGES, and 3DPDF
  3. Effective design collaboration with markups
  4. Improved accuracy of Tools to analyze 3D designs