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Everything you need to know about CAD Viewer        

Nowadays, enterprises wish to enable the digital collaboration for users, rationalize CAD License costs and increase the access to CAD data to broader set of users. CAD viewers typically caters to all those downstream users whose work involves analyzing and interrogating these files, typically for manufacturing/quality/purchase/support/sales use cases. CAD Visualization market exists as people need to view 3D and 2D designs created in CAD systems.

What is CAD viewer?

CAD Viewer is a CAD visualization product that caters to all those users who need to access information and details stored in a 3D or 2D file generated from CAD application. CAD viewers enable users view, analyze, export, and sometimes edit different CAD file types.

  • Within CAD viewer, designer can view 3D data, Product Structure, Attributes, PMI, and GD&T that enable to take accurate linear, angular, and radial measurements.
  • CAD viewers have various analyze tool that help get the component snapshot and view attributes, dimension extents, instances, and Mass/Volume/Density.
  • Compare design revisions of CAD files and inspect changes in 3D. View the added, removed, and modified features. 
A Typical CAD Viewer Interface

A CAD viewer must do the following:

  • Access, view and analyze various popular CAD fie types such as
  • Provides access to view 3D data, Product Structure, Attributes, PMI, and GD&T
  • Export CAD files to formats such as STEP, IGES, 3MF, X_T, 3D PDF and 3D HTML

Why are CAD Viewers needed?

CAD Software used for consuming engineering data are still too complex, expensive, and available on Windows platform only.

  • CAD Software is expensive when used for viewing-only use cases
  • CAD Viewers are complex, expensive, and Windows only. Modern experiences and platforms are ignored.
  • Collaboration is difficult and time consuming
  • Automations, Integrations are not possible, as most applications are monolithic

So separate CAD viewers are needed which can access the various CAD file types viz CATIA, NX, Parasolid, STEP, STP, IGES, IGS, JT, Pro/ENGINEER and Creo, SolidWorks, Inventor, and Solid Edge.

CAD viewer helps improve product designs, simplify work processes, and thus augments the business.

Where is CAD Viewer Used?

CAD viewers are generally used in manufacturing sectors, quality, and purchase department. Generally, it is used by the organizations who need to have the CAD viewers without buying a CAD software.

Paperless Manufacturing

  • Open native CAD files from CATIA, NX, Creo, STEP, and more.
  • Eliminate the use of 2D drawings for assembly and part analysis.
  • View 3D geometry, full PMI and GD&T information, attributes.
  • Take accurate measurements and cut dynamic sections

Purchasing and Quotation

  • Analyze key attributes and dimensions of a model with a click
  • Perform thickness analysis, calculate projected area, compute draft angles
  • Calculate bounding box, billet volume, mass, and surface area
  • Compare design revisions and Generate Bill of Materials (BoM) report

Benefits of using CAD Viewers:

CAD viewers

  • Save on CAD license costs for users currently using CAD licenses for viewing CAD data.
  • Save on hardware, maintenance, and training costs for users currently using CAD licenses for viewing CAD data.
  • Save time and improve productivity for users who need to wait for CAD licenses to be available for their viewing use cases.
  • Enable digital collaboration via 3D PDF, 3D HTML, markups, for all users, improving productivity, saving time, and enabling innovation.
  • Provide access to CAD data to users who would benefit from it in their daily work but are frequently ignored due to cost constraints.
  • No training is required for the users. Users of Microsoft Office get instantly familiar with Glovius.

Glovius CAD Viewer

Glovius is a modern CAD viewer. One can view CATIA, NX, Creo, SolidWorks, Inventor, Solid Edge, Pro/ENGINEER, STEP, IGES, and JT files with Glovius easily. Glovius has powerful tools to take measurements, cut sections, compare revisions, analyze CAD parts and assemblies, create reports for collaboration, and export to STEP, 3DPDF, STL, and many more formats. Glovius has got a free 2D viewer to view DWG, DXF, and CATDrawing files.

Glovius is available on different platforms- Windows, Mobile (iOS & Android) and on cloud. Glovius Augmented Reality app is available on Android.

Glovius CAD Viewer

It is a modern CAD Viewer built for easy consumption of product engineering data across the enterprise. Glovius helps you save on CAD licenses and is very affordable as compared to CAD licenses.

Glovius enables collaboration across departments and is suitable for remote work. People located in different geographies and locations, and with many teams working from home, can seamlessly collaborate and so accelerate the product development.

Customer Success Stories:

Automotive OEM significantly reduces CAD license costs

An automotive OEM wanted to save on CAD license costs by getting a cost-effective, simple and an easy-to-use CAD viewer. Learn how Glovius helped automotive manufacturer overcome their challenges and save on CAD license costs. Read Case Study

Aerospace manufacturer saves 88% on CAD license costs

A US-based aerospace OEM wanted a cost-effective solution to better the productivity of users and the response times. Know how Glovius helped resolve the company’s challenges and helped them save 88% on CAD license costs. Read Case study

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