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CAD Visualization Solution for Manufacturing Industry

COVID-19 outbreak has significantly affected the manufacturing industry. It has had a huge impact on the supply chain and product demand in the automotive sector. Digital collaboration within and outside the organization is of utmost importance, to save costs, accelerate product development, and meet market demand.

CAD viewers help the manufacturing industry to improve product designs, simplify work processes, and grow the business. Manufacturers need a cost effective, simple, and multi-platform CAD Visualization solution.

Topics To Be Covered in the Webinar:

  • Challenges faced by a manufacturing organization in terms of CAD data usage
  • Introduction to efficient and cost-effective CAD visualization solution
  • How to improve productivity for design and manufacturing engineers and augment product development process

Why You Should Join the Webinar?

  • Learn how to optimize CAD license investment
  • Learn how to improve design efficiency and productivity for your CAD data consumers
  • Learn how CAD viewers are used in various departments like Quality, Procurement, Tooling, Business Development, Estimation etc.
  • How to create digital collaboration inside and outside organization


Webinar Topic:
CAD visualization solution for manufacturing industry
Date: March 10, 2021
Time: 3-3:30 PM IST

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Glovius CAD Viewer - product manager

Sridhar Oruganti, Group Product Manager, HCL

Ashutosh Kumar Singh, Senior Area Sales Director, HCL