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View CATIA Parts and Assemblies with Glovius

10 Nov 2017

View CATIA Parts and Assemblies with Glovius

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Many of our users are in Automotive and Aerospace industries and use CATIA as the CAD software of choice.

Glovius helps you view your CATIA V5 files without the need of a CATIA license. Glovius supports 3D Geometry, PMI information and Captures data stored in CATIA parts (CATPart) and assembly (CATProduct) files.

You can also use Glovius 2D Viewer to open and view Catia Drawing (CATDrawing) files.

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View CATIA parts, assemblies and drawings

Glovius supports the following versions of CATIA –
CATIA V4 – Up to v4.2.5; File extensions – MODEL, SESSION, DLV, EXP
CATIA V5 – R4 to V5-6R2017; File extensions – CATPart, CATProduct, CGR
CATIA V6 – 2011, 2012, 2013; File extensions – 3DXML

Glovius provides tools to quickly analyze CATIA files and export them to multiple formats.

  1. Open CATIA files in Glovius and analyze components with Sectioning, Colors and Transparency effects. Use the Analyze feature to quickly get an overview of the component – extent dimensions, mass and volume of the component.
  2. Deep dive into your components by using the Measure tool to dimension the component. Find out the component’s thickness using Thickness Analysis tool. If your CATIA file is Cast or Injection molded, use the Draft Analysis tool to check the angle each of the surfaces make towards a default plane.
  3. Export CATIA file to other formats viz. 3D PDF, STL, Powerpoint documents and 3D HTML pages. Glovius can also generate 3D reports containing all the information needed for collaboration.

Download Glovius and give it a spin with your Catia files.

Sridhar Oruganti
Product Manager.

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