Glovius PLUS launched with STEP, IGES, Parasolid and 3MF file exporter. Visit the Online Store for details.

Reports and Export Options

Instantly create design reports in 3D PDF and Powerpoint (PPT) reports. Export your models to 3D HTML. Share design details in 3D and make design reviews more effective.

Create 3D PDF Reports

Collaborate among teams using 3D PDF reports from Glovius. The report includes 3D Visualization data, attributes and Bill of Materials (BoM). Watch the video below for more details.

Share design in 3D HTML

Export your 3D designs to 3D HTML files. View your designs directly in a web browser. Watch the video below for details.

Other export options

Create design review presentations instantly using Glovius. Export designs to Powerpoint(PPT) slides. Export design snapshots in popular image formats.