Glovius PLUS launched with STEP, IGES, Parasolid and 3MF file exporter. Visit the Online Store for details.

Customer Speak

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Customer Testimonials

“With Glovius our employees can now easily and fast open and review shared 3D-designs of many different file types. Not only on the work floor but also our purchasing, our sales and our service department have big benefits by using Glovius. Working with Glovius has made our assembling department paperless, has given our sales the opportunity to open and review 3rd party 3D files and helps our purchasers to provide information needed for our suppliers. Not only is the software but also the team behind it a great pleasure to work with.”

Jacco Lagerweij, Brink B.V.

“I rely on Glovius to open files from customers for viewing and quoting their projects. It’s been a great help especially from a cost standpoint because I do not need a complicated viewing program.”

Jeffrey Geib, West Bend Plastics Inc.

“Advanced Systems and Controls uses Glovius in it’s estimating department. Estimators need the ability to open and view a wide variety of customers drawings and Glovius gives us that capability.”

Kevin Pray, Advanced Systems & Controls Inc.

“Glovius is definitely an excellent viewer software. We use it to provide data and presentations across the company from manufacturer engineer till project manager. We also use it to provide Bill of Materials (BOM) to our archive department and more…”

Ronen Salomon, Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd.

“REFIMA is dealing in self-adhesive componens made for automotive, electronic, building and packaging industry. Glovius helps us to view, analyze and measure 3D models of customer´s products where our components will be bonded. With Glovius we are able to recognize all customer´s requirement before we have to invest to tools.”

– Martin Mráz, REFIMA s.r.o.

“I used Glovius to view an industrial construction project, and it really helped us see how the parts of the plant tied in to each other for scheduling of the construction.”

Daniel Hudgens, G.A. West

“I really like your product. Very helpful for someone in aerospace who does a lot of quoting and has to open a lot of different types of files.”

Pat Rowell, Cutting Dynamics, Inc.

“Due to Glovius we have reduced our overall CAD resource budget as we no longer need to utilize an expensive CATIA license for when an engineer merely wishes to view a model as opposed to design a model. This has allowed us to reduce our full suite CATIA licenses by 1. Implementing Glovius as a floating license has also introduced efficiencies as an engineer can now view the model using the PC at their own desk as opposed to using a dedicated CAD workstation in another part of the office.”

Adam Schmitt, Premcar Pty Ltd.

Analyst Reports

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