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Glovius Batch Automation

Glovius Batch Automation is a CAD publishing tool that automates the task of converting and publishing CAD parts and assemblies to required formats like 3DPDF, STEP, IGES, High-quality and BoM reports of assembly files in batch mode.

Glovius Batch Automation imports native CAD parts and assemblies like CATIA V5, CATIA V6, Creo, Solidworks, Inventor, SolidEdge and NX files to derivative formats like 3DPDF and Neutral file formats like STEP,IGES,STL and Parasolid

The main benefits of this tool are :

  1. Convert CAD files to other formats without consuming a CAD license
  2. Schedule tasks at specified times to utilize resources during their idle time
  3. Schedule recurring tasks to automate recurring CAD conversion tasks. Watch a folder to generate derivative files
Common CAD automation tasks that can be run are :
  • Convert CAD files to 3D PDF
  • Convert CATIA files to STEP
  • Solidworks batch print to 3DPDF or Image files
  • Translate Solidworks parts and assemblies to PDF and STEP
  • Create Automated BoM report
  • batch auto
  • batch automation glovius cad viewer