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CAD Visualization Solutions for Design & Manufacturing

Glovius for Teams

Glovius Team Pack is best suited for small and medium teams. Subscribe yearly or buy permanent floating licenses. Glovius Team pack is a bundle of 10 licenses, with priority support and two GotoMeeting training sessions. Save upto 20% over comparable individual licenses.

Annual Subscription Licenses


10 users
10 Subscription Licenses, Billed Annually


Permanent Floating Licenses


20-50 users
10 Permanent Floating Licenses

Mobile and Web-based CAD Data Visualization

Glovius Mobile and Web Visualization Solution is a multi-platform visualization solution that enables access to 3D data on HTML5, iOS and Android apps.

Access 3D data anytime, anywhere. No installation required.
Share direct links to 3D models. No more emailing files. No FTP servers.
Secure offline access on mobile devices.
Analyze, Query and Collaborate on high fidelity 3D models.
Export and download as 3D PDF and STL.


View a sample CAD model in your browser (HTML)

Download Case Studies (PDF)

Automatic 3D Comparison of CAD Data

Glovius 3D Comparison solution helps detect, report and visualize CAD design changes. The solution performs B-Rep based comparison of 3D Geometry and enables verification and inspection of differences in any two sets of 3D Data.

Automatically compare large data sets during CAD migration.
Compare design iterations for fast design reviews.
Set up rules to highlight components with maximum deviations.
Centralized dashboard and reporting, accessible through a browser.


View a sample 3D Comparison Report (PDF).

(Right click and save the PDF to view with Acrobat Reader. Web browsers do not support 3D PDFs.)

Download Case Studies (PDF)

Automatic 3D Report Generation from CAD Data

3D Report Generation solution automatically generates 3D PDF reports, Images and BoM Reports. The solution can be deployed as a stand-alone system on a private server or integrated with existing solutions such as PLM, SharePoint, PDM or other data management systems.

Generate 3D PDFs from CAD data for use in downstream processes
Generate BoM reports for production systems and cost estimations
Generate Images, STL, Powerpoint files from CAD data
Centralized hosting of reports for instant access


View a sample 3D Report (PDF), Bill of Materials Report (PDF), PPT Report.

(Right click and save PDFs to view with Acrobat Reader. Web browsers do not support 3D PDFs.)

Download Case Studies (PDF)

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