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Introducing Glovius 2D Viewer


Introducing Glovius 2D Viewer

Technical Drawings or 2D drawings as they are popularly known convey lot of instantly glance-able information. Due to the international adoption of drawing standards these drawings are especially useful in collaboration by capturing the geometric features of the components. We had many of our users asking for support to 2D files.

Today,  we are happy to announce Glovius 2D – a free* DWG and DXF file viewer.
Glovius 2D Viewer is free for all Glovius customers. Download Glovius and give the 2D Viewer a try.

2D Viewer

Glovius 2D Viewer

Here are the top features of Glovius 2D :

  1. View popular 2D file formats – Open 2D files CATDrawing, DWG and DXF files
  2. Measure 2D elements in the drawing sheet – Measure the length of an edge, distance between two edges, radius of a circle or arc
  3. Tape Measure – Measure the sum of selected 2D elements like lines and arcs
  4. Create PDF documents from your 2D files – Export your 2D drawings to PDF formats for digital records**
  5. Support for multiple sheets in the drawing
  6. Print your drawings for record and archival purposes

Download Glovius 2D along with Glovius here .

*Glovius 2D is free for all our customers and uses the same license as Glovius.
** CATDrawing to PDF is in the works. Stay tuned.


  • Bill Leung says:


    I have downloaded the demo and found cannot open CATDrawing at all, please help.


  • Michael Dean says:

    I have downloaded the Glovius trail version and I cannot figure out how to open a CATDrawing. Can you help me? Thank you.

    Also, can I export the 3D models to a neutral CAD format, such a STEP or IGES?

  • Sridhar says:

    Hello Michael,
    Our support team has responded to you via email.

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