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Introducing Glovius Lite for iOS!

16 Mar 2012

Introducing Glovius Lite for iOS!

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In line with our Android app,  we are happy to introduce Glovius Lite, a free version of the high performance Glovius app for iPhone and iPad. You can download the free app from iOS App Store.

Here’s a detailed list of the feature set supported in the free and paid versions of Glovius for iOS App :

FeatureGlovius LiteGlovius
Support for various 3D formatsYesYes
High performance 3D visualizationYesYes
Zoom, Pan, Rotate models using the intuitive touch interfaceYesYes
Integration with Babel3D.comYesYes
Transfer models via USB (using Glovius for Windows)YesYes
Open files from Email, SD Card and other applicationsYesYes
Support for textures & PMIYes
Cross Section / Clip PlanesYes
Toggle PMI On/OffYes
Save & Email snapshotsYes
Change Background colorYes
Download the app from App Store !
Do write to me at sid@glovius.com with your feedback and suggestions!

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