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Generate Quick 3D PDF reports


Generate Quick 3D PDF reports

Collaboration among teams and references to contextual 3d data is essential during the design lifecycle of a component. To enable faster collaboration and providing contextual information, Glovius has an inbuilt 3D PDF report generator. Using this tool, you can generate a single, concise 3DPDF report containing the prominent information about the component. This 3D PDF report contains

  1. 3D Visualization data
  2. Attributes data
  3. BoM report with Part Number, Quantity, Bounding box dimensions and Component Image

To generate a 3D PDF report using Glovius, Open a file in Glovius, Click on the Export tab and Click on 3D Report to generate this document.

Download a sample 3D PDF report file and open it in Adobe PDF reader to view the report.

Download Glovius and give the export to 3D PDF report a try and collaborate faster.

Sridhar Oruganti,
Product Manager,

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