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Data Democratization - Webinar

Every product engineering team needs the ability to quickly and easily communicate 3D design data and 2D drawings not only among core team members, but also with manufacturing, engineering, suppliers, service operations and other participants in the extended value chain. Effective information sharing streamlines and improves collaboration and facilitates better and faster decision making within the enterprise and through the extended supply chain. Democratizing CAD information is a well-intended catchphrase, but it entails more than merely giving everyone a CAD viewer and hope they will know how to utilize them and use them at will.

In this thought leadership webinar, by renowned industry analyst Joe Barkai, we will look at how companies leverage modern CAD Viewers like Glovius to get the most out of their CAD data and improve collaboration and decision making, especially in non-design activities such as procurement, sales presentations and subcontract manufacturing.

Joe will discuss how modern, advanced CAD viewers can truly democratize access to CAD data and help transform processes within the organization at a much lower cost, compared to CAD licenses.

Key Learnings

>> The rise of “Citizen Engineers”
>> Who needs yet another CAD Viewer?
>> Supply Chain Collaboration
>> Extending to the Enterprise
>> Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast


Title: Democratizing CAD data using Modern CAD Viewers

Date: Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

Time: 11 AM EST / 8 AM PST / 3 PM UTC

Duration: 60 minutes


About the Speaker

Joe Barkai is a recognized industry analyst and strategy adviser, a blogger, and a published author. His focus is on researching, forecasting, and the strategic application of technology to drive innovation, competitiveness, and business processes excellence. For details, please visit