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Thickness Analysis of Parts

The ability to determine the material distribution and the corresponding thickness or thinness of a casting part is crucial for its design and manufacturing. Non optimal values of the part leads to issues in its performance during use. Thin wall sections may be structurally weak causing the component to fail while over compensated thick portions lead to an increase in the weight of the component and hence the subsequent cost to manufacture.

In Glovius you can quickly identify the material distribution using the Thickness Analysis tool. The tool calculates the thickness using the Ray method or the Sphere method. You can choose either method from the Glovius Settings Dialog. Each of the method is suitable for a specific use case.

  • Ray method is typically suitable for finding thin wall sections and helps detect edges
  • Sphere method is useful for identifying thick sections that may warp or deform during casting process
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    Calculate the thickness of a part

    Download Glovius today and use Thickness Analysis on your casting parts and identify probable design issues.

    Sridhar Oruganti,
    Product Manager.


    View CATIA Parts and Assemblies with Glovius

    Many of our users are in Automotive and Aerospace industries and use CATIA as the CAD software of choice.

    Glovius helps you view your CATIA V5 files without the need of a CATIA license. Glovius supports 3D Geometry, PMI information and Captures data stored in CATIA parts (CATPart) and assembly (CATProduct) files.

    You can also use Glovius 2D Viewer to open and view Catia Drawing (CATDrawing) files.

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    View CATIA parts, assemblies and drawings

    Glovius supports the following versions of CATIA –
    CATIA V4 – Up to v4.2.5; File extensions – MODEL, SESSION, DLV, EXP
    CATIA V5 – R4 to V5-6R2017; File extensions – CATPart, CATProduct, CGR
    CATIA V6 – 2011, 2012, 2013; File extensions – 3DXML

    Glovius provides tools to quickly analyze CATIA files and export them to multiple formats.

    1. Open CATIA files in Glovius and analyze components with Sectioning, Colors and Transparency effects. Use the Analyze feature to quickly get an overview of the component – extent dimensions, mass and volume of the component.
    2. Deep dive into your components by using the Measure tool to dimension the component. Find out the component’s thickness using Thickness Analysis tool. If your CATIA file is Cast or Injection molded, use the Draft Analysis tool to check the angle each of the surfaces make towards a default plane.
    3. Export CATIA file to other formats viz. 3D PDF, STL, Powerpoint documents and 3D HTML pages. Glovius can also generate 3D reports containing all the information needed for collaboration.

    Download Glovius and give it a spin with your Catia files.

    Sridhar Oruganti
    Product Manager.


    Export 3D Components to HTML

    Glovius can now export 3D components to HTML files and view the 3D component using just the browser. The exported file contains 3D Geometry along-with metadata such as Attributes and BoM table ( in case of assemblies). The 3D HTML file also contains Glovius Web Viewer and you will be able to Section, Toggle Views, Rotate, Pan, Zoom and Save a Snapshot. All modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Mozilla Firefox are supported.

    The main advantages of exporting to 3D HTML are :

    1. View 3D CAD files directly in the browser. No additional software needed.
    2. 3D HTML file is lighter in size and can be shared easily.
    3. Create unified packages with 3D geometry, attributes and the web viewer.

    Watch this video for a quick overview of the export 3D CAD to HTML file functionality:

    Download a sample 3D HTML file generated from Glovius. You can also get a hands on this feature by with the latest version of Glovius.

    Sridhar Oruganti,
    Product Manager.


    Assistive Measure in Glovius

    Measuring the CAD geometry and features is one of the most important tool to quickly analyze the component. We have improved the Measure tool in Glovius to enable our users to quickly measure the various distances in the CAD components. We call this feature Assistive Measure and it is an extension of our Assistive Measure for Points feature. This enhancement will enable to quickly check the dimensions between various entities in your component faster.

    To use this feature, open a model, click on Measure tool and select a geometric entity – linear edge, circular edge or a surface. The value is immediately displayed as a markup. Now as you move towards another entity ( say an edge ) we automatically calculate the appropriate measure value and display it for your reference. You can either choose to place the measure markup or move to another edge. Glovius quickly recomputes and displays the new measure value.

    Watch this video for the Measure tool overview :

    Download the latest version of Glovius and give this feature a spin.

    Sridhar Oruganti,
    Product Manager, Glovius


    Glovius v4.4 (build for Windows is now available.

    We are happy to announce a new release of Glovius v4.4 (build code for Windows. This is a free upgrade for customers on a valid maintenance plan.

    Download Glovius from the link below –

    New Features

    New design analysis tools, useful in Die Casting and injection Molding Applications.

    • Thickness Analysis – Wall thickness analysis for part files.


    • Draft Angle Measurement – Draft angle measurement for parts along a separation plane.


    • Projected Area – View projected area over a directional plane.


    Other Improvements

    • Export 3D data to HTML (in addition to 3DPDF) for viewing in a browser.
    • Improvements to Analyze feature
      • Improved accuracy of bounding box dimensions
      • Total Mass for Assemblies

    For more information, write to