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CAD Visualization for the Automotive Industry

COVID-19 outbreak has significantly affected the automotive & transportation industry. It has had a huge impact on the supply chain and product demand in the automotive sector. Digital collaboration within and outside the organization is of utmost importance, in order to save costs, accelerate product development, and meet market demand.

CAD viewers help the automotive industry to improve product designs, simplify work processes, and grow the business. Automtive Suppliers need a cost effective, simple, and multi-platform CAD Visualization solution.

Glovius is a modern CAD Viewer built for easy consumption of product engineering data across the enterprise. Glovius helps you save on CAD licenses, and is very affordable as compared to CAD licenses.

Glovius enables collaboration across departments, and is suitable for remote work. Teams located in different time zones, locations, and with many members working from home, can seamlessly collaborate, accelerating product development.

Glovius CAD Viewer

Problems with CAD Data Usage

Benefits – How Glovius helps solve the challenges of the Automotive Industry

Glovius supports multi-CAD environments

Glovius supports all popular CAD formats in one application – CATIANXSTEP, IGES, CreoSOLIDWORKSInventor, Solid Edge, and DWG/DXF.

Glovius saves you on CAD License Costs

CAD Software is expensive when used for viewing-only use cases. Glovius is very affordable as compared to CAD licenses.

Glovius helps you analyze and collaborate on 3D and 2D CAD data with powerful and advanced tools for thickness and draft analysis, collision detection, comparison, and explode. Glovius provides you with tools for measurement, sectioning, weight/volume/area calculation, along with search and filtering options.

Glovius is available on multiple platforms

Glovius is available on Windows, iOS, Android, and Cloud. Collaboration across teams is easy and fast with Glovius.

Glovius is simple and easy to use

Glovius offers simple and easy access to CAD data. Glovius requires no training. Glovius is instantly familiar to users of Microsoft Office applications.

Glovius enables digital collaboration

Glovius exports to STEP, IGES, 3D PDF, 3D HTML, STL, and Image formats. Export and Reporting features enable collaboration, improve productivity, save time, and enable innovation.

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Glovius for Automotive Industry- Customer Success Story 

Learn how automotive OEM achieved 92% savings in CAD license costs

Use Cases

Most of the time, viewing and a quick analysis is sufficient. Following are some of the key Glovius use cases –

  1. Review and Inspection: Navigate assembly product structure, and cut sections to understand assembly construction. Take ad-hoc dimensions when PMI information is missing.
  2. Design Reviews and Change Requests: Conduct design reviews on product design data. Compare design variants and versions for a quick and visual understanding of the differences.
  3. Collaboration: Share product designs with internal and external teams using 3DPDF, 3D HTML, and Markups. Create Bill of Materials and 3D Reports. Export to STEP, IGES, and Parasolid formats with Glovius PLUS.
  4. Digital Transformation: Glovius helps digitize processes. Glovius removes the need for drawings printouts.
Glovius CAD Viewer
Export 3D parts and Assemblies to PDF
Export 3D parts and Assemblies to PDF

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