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01 Jun 2012

Glovius 2.1 for Android is here!

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Today, we are excited to unveil Glovius version 2.1 for Android. The latest update to our 3D viewer tool for Android brings support for Product Structure, Standard Views, Sample Models and improved performance.

Get Glovius for Android


Product Structure

You can now view Product Structure for assembly models. The Product Structure is available in the app menu. For assembly models of supported file types, you will see the complete tree structure of the model. You can also toggle the visibility of sub-assemblies and parts using the check box against them from the dialog.

Standard Views

Support for Standard Views is now available in version 2.1. To orient the model to a specific view, launch the Standard View dialog from the app menu and select any of the Front, Back, Left, Right, Top, Bottom  and Isometric views. The model will orient to the view selected.

Sample Files

A few sample models have been included in the app to get you started quickly with Glovius. To access the models, press the “My Files” icon on the app bar and select a model from the “On Device” list. To remove the sample files, press and hold the file name and select delete from the pop up.

The free Glovius Lite Android app also gets an update with Sample Models and improved performance.

Get Glovius Lite for Android

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Posted by Siddhartha Oza, Product Manager for Glovius & Babel3d
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14 May 2012

Introductory offer : Get upto 50% off on all Glovius Importer Add-ons!

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Starting today, we are pleased to provide an introductory offer on all Glovius CAD Importer add-ons. Get upto 50% off the regular price for a limited time. This offer is applicable for Pro/ENGINEER, CATIA V5, NX, SolidWorks & Inventor, and STEP/IGES add-ons.

With Glovius Importer add-ons, you can :-

  1. Read native part and assembly files in the free Glovius for Windows viewer
  2. View product structure & hide/show components
  3. Perform simple sectioning and point to point measurement
  4. Save & Email snapshots
  5. Save as lightweight JT (*.jt)
  6. Export to the mobile optimized format and showcase your designs on iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets. (Requires Glovius mobile app)

This offer is available for a limited period only. Please visit the online store to buy now!

For a free 15-day trial, download & install Glovius and your Importer add-on of choice.
Download Glovius for Windows & Importer Add-ons

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Posted by Siddhartha Oza, Product Manager for Glovius & Babel3d
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30 Apr 2012

Glovius version 2.0 for Windows is now available!

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We are very pleased to announce the latest release of Glovius. Glovius for Windows release 2.0 is now available for download. The new release incorporates various new features and bug fixes.


Improvements in Importer Add-ons
All file formats supported using the Importer add-ons now support saving to the lightweight JT format. Glovius supports most of the popular cad formats, including SolidWorks, Inventor, CATIA V5, Pro/ENGINEER, STEP, IGES & NX. With Glovius 2.0, you will now be able to save your CAD format parts and assemblies to the lightweight JT format for further use.

Measurement Improvements
Point snapping is now supported while doing measurement in the Glovius. The snapping and visual cues will help users to do simple point to point linear measurements quickly and accurately. Snapping support is available for all CAD formats, and for JT files with version 9.5. Support for lower versions of JT is coming soon.

Print Support
Print & print preview functionality is now available in Glovius. Click on the print icon to bring up the system print dialog. You can also preview the active document before printing your 3d model.

Automatic trial license configuration
With Glovius 2.0, it is now even easier to try and evaluate the many add-ons available on Glovius. Simply download and install an add-on. Next time Glovius is launched, the add-on is configured for trial. It is as easy as that.

A new user interface
Glovius 2.0 sports a much cleaner Office 2010 like ribbon interface. All the commands are clearly visible and there are no context menus or hidden items for you. The Office 2010 like ribbon, makes Glovius familiar for most of the users.

Download Glovius for Windows

Do write to me at with your feedback and suggestions!

Posted by Siddhartha Oza, Product Manager for Glovius & Babel3d
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03 Apr 2012

View SolidWorks files on iPad, iPhone & Android devices!

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[Update : We have updated a few things. Glovius iOS & Android apps are now free. You can register for a free 7-day trial on (requires a credit card). Thereafter it’s $9/month, and works for 48 file formats.]

SolidWorks is one of the most popular 3D CAD software in the market today. Using Glovius for iOS & Android, you can now showcase SolidWorks models on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices. Here’s how :-

Transfer models using

  1. Get the Glovius app from the App Store or Google Play market.
  2. Create an account at and translate your models to the mobile optimized format
  3. Login to your Babel3D account from within the Glovius app, and download your models.

That’s it! With these simple steps, you can now showcase SolidWorks models on the go. Zoom/Pan/Rotate using the intuitive touch interface. Take sections, save & email snapshots. For assemblies, view the product structure and hide/show components using the component tree.

The full feature Glovius app is available for $9.99. Glovius apps are now available for free. Glovius Lite is a free version of the app.

Both SolidWorks parts (*.sldprt) and assemblies (*.sldasm) are supported. Babel3D supports other popular formats that can be easily exported from SolidWorks, including STEP, IGES, 3DS, OBJ & STL.

To upload SolidWorks assemblies, zip all the files, and name the zip file as the main assembly file. For example, if your main assembly file’s name is car.sldasm, create a zip file containing all the parts and assemblies, and name the zip file as

Transfer models using Glovius for Windows

You can also transfer models using Glovius for Windows & iTunes.

  1. Download Glovius for Windows and the SolidWorks importer add-on.
  2. Open SolidWorks models in Glovius and click on Export on the ribbon bar. Save the .glovius file.
  3. Connect your iPad/iPhone/Android device and transfer .glovius files using iTunes. Please refer support article for more details.

Glovius for Windows is a free JT viewer with an extensible and customizable architecture. The SolidWorks Viewer Bundle for Glovius is available for $295. A free 15-day trial can be downloaded from To purchase Glovius SolidWorks Viewer, please visit the online store.


For any queries/suggestions, drop me an email at

Posted by Siddhartha Oza, Product Manager for Babel3d & Glovius
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16 Mar 2012

Introducing Glovius Lite for iOS!

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In line with our Android app,  we are happy to introduce Glovius Lite, a free version of the high performance Glovius app for iPhone and iPad. You can download the free app from iOS App Store.

Here’s a detailed list of the feature set supported in the free and paid versions of Glovius for iOS App :

FeatureGlovius LiteGlovius
Support for various 3D formatsYesYes
High performance 3D visualizationYesYes
Zoom, Pan, Rotate models using the intuitive touch interfaceYesYes
Integration with Babel3D.comYesYes
Transfer models via USB (using Glovius for Windows)YesYes
Open files from Email, SD Card and other applicationsYesYes
Support for textures & PMIYes
Cross Section / Clip PlanesYes
Toggle PMI On/OffYes
Save & Email snapshotsYes
Change Background colorYes
Download the app from App Store !
Do write to me at with your feedback and suggestions!