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24 Jun 2016

Calculate Billet Size and Wastage

Glovius has number of tools to quickly calculate and surface meta data associated with the CAD components. We recently introduced a new parameter to calculate the billet size needed to manufacture the component and the corresponding wastage of raw material in subsequent manufacturing steps.

Billet Size Calculation

Calculate Billet Size and Wastage

Here are the steps to calculate the Billet size of the component –

  1. Open a 3D model in Glovius
  2. Select a component and click ‘Analyze’ tool
  3. The billet size and wastage parameters are displayed in the Analyze dialog

Do try it out and let us know your feedback at

25 Apr 2016

CAD Assembly Analysis Tools

CAD assemblies can become complex with many components, metadata, PMIs or associated data. Glovius offers a number of tools specifically designed for quick analysis and inspection of CAD assembly files. Lets explore these tools in detail –

Analyze Tool – This tool gives you a snapshot of the selected component. If you select a part for Analyze, an information dialog pops up with information such as the outline dimensions, number of similar instances in the assembly, Mass, Total surface area and Volume. You can also check for the Center of Gravity (CG) of the component to check whether it complies to your design intent.

Analyze Assemblies

Explosion (in beta) – Designers follow various methods while assembling component. Though many CAD software provide In-Context assemblies, some designers prefer a bottoms-up approach while designing the component. In these situations, the Product Structure doesn’t necessarily reflect the integration steps for the assembly. Using the Explosion tool gives you a quick idea about the organization of the assembly.

Bill of Materials – Bill of Materials is the bridge between CAD and actual product design. It reflects the components needed to assemble and create the final design. Thus at various stages of production, different types of BoM exist. You can create them either on the basis of assembly hierarchy or the product hierarchy. Use Glovius to generate BoM reports in PDF and Excel formats. We attach a image snapshot of the component in the PDF report for easy identification. Attributes can also be exported in the BoM report.

Bill of Materials

Sections – Taking Sections of component gives you a quick way to check the internals of a component assembly. You can create sections at a plane or along any surface of the component. Click on multiple planes for more clarity.

take dynamic sections

Move – Using the Move tool you can quickly declutter your component and focus on the essentials. Select a component and use the Move tool to quickly remove it from the view.

Move Components

Visit our support page to learn more about Glovius. For questions, feedback and feature requests, please drop me an email at

25 Apr 2016

Export 3D CAD Parts and Assemblies to 3D PDF

Export 3D parts and Assemblies to PDF

Today PDF file format has become the standard for sharing read only version of files. The main advantages of a PDF document is its accessibility on multiple platforms and familiarity with the free readers.

Generating 3D PDF documents from your 3D CAD files is a matter of few clicks in Glovius. Open a CAD file in Glovius, click on “Save”, top left in the ribbon bar. Choose PDF as ‘Save as Type’ and click “Save” to create a PDF from your CAD files.

Check out this feature in our free trial or subscribe to Glovius for as low as $29/month.

09 Dec 2015

Licensing Options – Glovius for Windows

Glovius for Windows offers a variety of licensing options. This post explains the various type of licenses and how they differ. If you have any questions, please email us at

Evaluation License

An evaluation or trial license is a 7-day full-featured license that allows you to try Glovius for Windows. Trial licenses are automatically configured when you install Glovius on your computer.

Subscription License

Glovius is the first CAD viewer to offer monthly and yearly subscription licenses. Two subscription plans are available to you, Standard Plan ($29/mo or $290/year) and Pro Plan ($39/mo or $390/year). Both plans are available in monthly or yearly duration. For more details on the plans or to subscribe to a plan, please visit the subscription page.

You may try Glovius before subscribing to a plan. Once subscribed, you can configure your license using the email address you used for subscription. Launch Glovius and click on About in the ribbon bar. Type in the email address you used for subscription and press register. Glovius will confirm your subscription, fetch the license and configure it automatically. Thereafter, for every successful payment, a new license key will be fetched and configured. Internet connection is required for the configuration to work automatically. Therafter no internet connection is required till the next subscription duration.


Glovius About Dialog, your one stop shop for configuring subscription and permanent licenses in Glovius

Subscription licenses are per user licenses, designed to work on your main computer. They are affordable options to permanent licenses. Glovius stops working when you cancel your subscription or a payment fails. We email you every time your subscription is renewed. To cancel your subscription, simply write to us to from your subscription email address.

Subscription users are eligible to upgrade to all Glovius releases and access priority support.

Permanent License

Node-Locked Licenses

Glovius node-locked licenses are permanent licenses for use on one computer. The license never expires and is tied to one computer.
The license is generated using machine’s MACID (host id). For convenience, the MACID is also listed in the About dialog (above). Please email this to us at for faster order processing.

You can buy Glovius node-locked license online from the online store.

Floating Licenses

Glovius floating license is a network license meant to be installed on a server that allows you to use the license on multiple computers. You still need to install Glovius on each computer you wish to use. The license is checked out from the server to use Glovius. After closing Glovius, the license is returned to the server, available for checkout by other users.

Floating license allows multiple users to utilize the license, but one floating license can be used by only one person at a time. For multiple people to use Glovius at the same time, multiple floating licenses are required. These are referred to as “seats”- if only one floating license is purchased, only one seat is available to be checked out at a time.

Floating licenses need the MACID and the NETWORK NAME of the server that will host and distribute the licenses. No information from the client machines is required for configuring floating licenses. To purchase floating licenses online, please visit the floating license store.

Update Support Plan

Update Support Plan entitles you to new versions of Glovius (released periodically) as well as priority technical support. Since Glovius node-locked and floating licenses are permanent, you will still be able to use Glovius after the USP date has passed.

Every new license includes one year of USP. For example, if you purchased 3 floating licenses on 1st of January 2015, your USP date is 31st of December 2015. You are eligible to upgrade to all Glovius releases in this duration. You can also avail priority support over email, telephone or webex.

If you wish to upgrade to the latest Glovius versions after your USP date, you will need to renew your USP. USP is not mandatory, but highly recommended. If you fell out of USP but want to renew after some time has passed, any time missed will need to be made up. In short, you will be able to continue using the program after the USP date passes, but not receive technical support or upgrade to any new releases of Glovius until USP is renewed.

You can renew USP online from the USP store.

We hope this post helps you understand the licensing options in Glovius, for you to select the best that suits your needs. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

04 Aug 2015

Glovius – jetzt auch auf Deutsch verfügbar!

Glovius – der innovative 3D CAD Viewer
Die Marktanforderungen werden immer vielschichtiger. Eine große Anzahl unterschiedlichsterCAD Formate stellen so manches Unternehmen vor große Herausforderungen. Es muss nicht immer gleich ein neues CAD-System angeschafft werden, wenn es nur darum geht, Daten zu visualisieren, Maße zu ermitteln, Schnitte zu erstellen und zu vergleichen. Mit Glovius geht das ganz einfach und ohne unnötigen Schnickschnack. Außerdem können Daten über die mobile Glovius App auf Smartphones oder Tablets angezeigt werden. Datenaustausch auf der Höhe der Zeit!

Glovius Optionen
STEP/IGES Viewer - Accurate measurementsGlovius Release 4.0.6 auch auf Deutsch verfügbar. Gut zu wissen, dass Glovius nicht nur als Gesamtpaket (All-in-one Lösung) sondern auch für ausgewählte Einzelschnittstellen angeboten wird: Daten aus CATIA V4/V5/V6, STEP, IGES, Creo, Pro/ENGINEER, NX, JT, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Rhinoceros und Inventor können schnell und sicher mit Glovius geöffnet werden. Glovius besticht durch eine einfache Handhabung sowie ein unschlagbares Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Verfügbar als Arbeitsplatz- oder Netzwerklizenz.

Exportmöglichkeiten inklusive
Die bearbeiteten CAD Modelle können je nach Bedarf als 3D PDF, JT, HTML, 3DS, OBJ, STL und in gängige Bildformate exportiert werden, Stücklisten zur weiteren Bearbeitung in Microsoft Excel sogar als CSV-Datei.

Mobil durch gratis Apps für iOS und Android
iOS and Android 3D ViewerMit den gratis Apps für iOS und Android stehen CAD Modelle auch für unterwegs zur Verfügung. Dazu wird das CAD Modell einfach im Glovius-eigenen Datenformat gespeichert und kann anschließend über die entsprechende App auf Smartphones und Tabletts angezeigt werden.

Geometric Limited
Glovius ist Teil der Geometry Technology Solutions von Geometric Limited. Geometric ist ein Spezialist auf dem Gebiet der konstruktiven Lösungen, Ingenieurdienstleistungen und Technologien. Das Portfolio reicht von globalen technischen Dienstleistungen und Lösungen für Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) über Systemintegrationen bis hin zu digitalen Technologielösungen und ermöglicht das Formulieren, Umsetzen und Ausführen globaler Strategien im Bereich Ingenieurwesen und Fertigung, mit dem Ziel eine höhere Effektivität im Produktlebenszyklus zu erzielen.

Über DataCAD Software & Services GmbH
Die DataCAD Software & Services GmbH verfügt über eine 20-jährige Erfahrung im CAD/CAM und Viewer Bereich. Sie ist ein führender Anbieter technischer Softwarelösungen mit dem Ziel, bezahlbare Software für  eine Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Industrie- und Wirtschaftsbereiche anzubieten. Industriebereiche im Fokus sind zum Beispiel der Automobil- und Flugzeugbau, Formen- und Werkzeugmacher, allgemeine Fertigung, Prototypenbau, Holzarbeiten, Schmuckdesign, Kunst und Handwerk, Hobby und Ausbildung. Mehr Informationen finden Sie unter

DataCADDataCAD Software & Services GmbH
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