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14 Oct 2011

Glovius for iPhone/iPad!

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Say hello to the Glovius App for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

Get it from the App Store

Glovius is a high performance 3D viewer for your iPad and iPhone.

Pinch to zoom, single finger drag to rotate, two finger drag to pan, two finger rotate to roll the model and double tap on the screen to reset the model. Perform simple cross-sections (on XY, YZ, XZ clip planes) with Flip Clip Plane and Clip Profile support. You can also take snapshots of the model and save and email them. Snapshots can be viewed in the Photos App. Email a snapshot with the “Compose Email” dialog with the model snapshot already attached.

How to transfer models on to your device

To download models on your device, create a free account on Upload your SketchUp/3DS/OBJ/STEP/IGES/JT/STL files and select “iPad” as output format. Now login from within the Glovius app to download.

SketchUp (*.skp), 3DS (*.3ds), OBJ (*.obj), STEP (*.stp; *.step), IGES (*.igs; *.iges), JT (*.jt), PLMXML (*.plmxml) and STL (*.stl) files are supported. Support for more formats is coming soon.

You can also export your JT/STEP/IGES/PLMXML models from the Glovius for Windows app and get them on to your device using iTunes.

Thats all for today!
Do write to me at with your feedback and suggestions!

05 Oct 2011

Introducing Glovius for Windows!

Today, I am pleased to introduce Glovius for Windows, a free JT viewer with inbuilt add-on architecture.

Glovius is a high performance 3D visualization tool with an easy to use interface and a modern look and feel. The user interface has a familiar Microsoft Outlook layout, with panels on the left and the ribbon interface on top.

With the free viewer, you can :-

1. Open JT files & Zoom/Pan/Rotate models.
2. See Component Structure & Select/Hide/Show components
3. See PMI information and hide/show PMI.
4. Take simple sections
5. Launch the built-in Add-on manager and download/try/configure add-ons to extend the viewer’s functionality.
6. Export your JT models for viewing them on the iPad (using Glovius for iPad)
7. View your models in full screen mode, play simple animations and orient models in standard views.

Download Glovius for Windows (Free download, 28.3 MB).

Do write to me at with your feedback and suggestions!