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Glovius for Android!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Glovius for Android is now available in the Android Market!


Glovius is a high performance 3D viewer for Android. With Glovius, showcase your 3D models on the go. Interact with your 3D models using the intuitive touch interface. Pinch to zoom, single finger drag to rotate, two finger drag to pan and double tap on the screen to reset the model.

To download models on your device, create a free account on Babel3D.com. Upload your SketchUp/3DS/OBJ/STEP/IGES/JT/STL files and select “glovius” as output format. Now login from within the Glovius app to download.

You can also download glovius files from Babel3D.com on your desktop and transfer to your device using a USB cable (copy them to the “GloviusAppData” folder on the device).

SketchUp, 3DS, OBJ, STEP, IGES, JT & STL file formats are supported. Support for more formats coming soon.

Coming Soon

We plan to add a host of new features in the coming weeks. Here is a short list :-

  1. Save & Email Snapshots from within the application
  2. Take sections using the standard XY, YZ & XZ section planes. Dynamically move the section plane by dragging it. See section profile and cap. Flip the plane.
  3. Toggle PMI visibility On/Off.
  4. See product structure and Hide/Show various components. (for JT & STEP/IGES assemblies only)

If you would like to see any specific feature, do write to me at sid@glovius.com and let me know.


The application has been extensively tested on Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S, Google Nexus S, Google Nexus One, Motorola Droid and the Motorola Xoom tablet. However, due to the variety of hardware and software options on the Android platform, if you do see any issues with regards to the Glovius for Android app, do write to me at sid@glovius.com and let me know. I will look into it immediately.

Thats it for today!


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