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Glovius Beta Program

Glovius Beta program gives a sneak peek into the next major iteration of Glovius. Please register and download the Glovius Beta version and share your feedback with us.

Whats New 

  1. Improved File Open performance
    The File Open times will be much faster. View Operations such as Rotation and Pan will be smoother.

  2. Improved Measurement
    We have improved measurement in terms of pick-ability of entities, visual design of measurement, and fixed lots of issues.

  3. Redesigned Component Tree
    The Component Tree now lists the Component Structure, PMI, and Attributes in a single list. PMI and Attributes information are listed directly beneath the Component.

  4. Improved Visual Quality and Fidelity
    Parts and assemblies have much better Visual quality. We also have added a HLR render mode that enables you to view the component as a sketch illustration.

  5. Improved Tools
    The results of ‘Collision Analysis’ and ‘Thickness Analysis’ tools will have much better accuracy now.


1. Can I install Glovius Beta with the regular version of Glovius?

Yes, you can! Glovius Beta is installed as a separate application and will be named as ‘Glovius Beta’ in the Desktop shortcuts

2. Whom should I reach out for feedback and assistance on the beta program?

Please reach out to for any assistance with the program and sharing your feedback.

3. Why do you have the beta program?

We are working on a major release of Glovius that offers significant benefits to all our users. We want to gather feedback from users and improve the product before launch.

4. How does the licensing work for the Beta program?

Glovius Beta uses on the existing license of Glovius. It does not need any special license setup.